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Dog poop clean up business?

I am going to clean up dog poop from peoples yards for my dads landscape business. How much should I charge per visit/ per dog. Also should there be an initial visit charge?

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    What a great idea! Good luck to you! There are alot of variables involved in what you should often you do it (weekly?) how many dogs, how often does the owner pick up feces, when was the last time the yard was cleaned, how big is the yard? I would think you would want to quote people on an individual basis after seeing the yard. I know I have five dogs, and they produce alot of poop in one day! You might want to come up with a "base" rate per dog...maybe $5,then add on fees after that....or better yet.....charge by the pound :) Take a scale with you and weigh the bags you collect! I would think people would have a hard time arguing with you if you are able to tell them exactly how much you picked up and what you charge per pound.

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    I found this for a professional commercial business:

    Here's for the Poop Scoop Troop

    # Dogs Once a Week

    (per visit)

    1 $14

    2 $18

    3 $22

    4 $26

    5 $30

    # of Dogs Twice a Week

    (per visit)

    1 $11

    2 $14

    3 $17

    4 $20

    5 $23

    Poop Patrol:

    Super Scoopers:

    Just some rates I've found, maybe you can base yours from these.

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  • 15 dollars for the first dog. 5 for every other dog

    LOL TJ

    same here.

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  • T J
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    As soon as the snow melts, come on over. YOUR HIRED!

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