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Ramadan: A biography of me....and um ya 10 hours later I know but it took some thinking.?

A biography of me. Be prepared to fall asleep=D this is a dare btw lool

1 years old: Don’t remember, learned to walk? lool =)

2: I moved from Syria to Canada

3. A lot of annoying talk lmao

4. Started kindergarten and cried for a good time, didn’t like the change lool. I vividly remember speaking Arabic to another person =|

5. My sister was born lol, quite an experience ahaha

6. I was a kid acted like one and had fun loool I don’t know, what important thing can possibly happen at this age?

7. same as above lmao

8- Met 2 really good friends that I still talk to till today.

9- Went to Syria for a visit. I remember I didn’t like one of my cousin at all she seemed to want to make me jealous all the time. So I didn’t have much fun. And my other little cousin I almost killed her lmao she was on, I don’t know what you call it but you know those things where toddlers sit on and they can move? well ya she was on that and I put her outside the building for one second and when I returned she was at the bottom of the stairs, she was okay though but I FREAKED out looool.. I almost damaged her eye too, I was playing with her and I had a stick in my hand so I have no idea what I was doing and what kind of game that was but eventually it got in her eye and she had to go to the doc….again I freaked out lol

10-Moved to another school where I also met another great friend that I still talk to today

11- Became the biggest joker, I was so active and the lalalala kind of person and ahaha might surprise some people on here but a lot of people were like you should become an actresses. Never considered it, but it was just fun times lol. It was great.

12- My other sis was born.

13-My cousin from my dad’s side came to Canada and we allowed him to stay in our house. And there are problems with most of the people from my dad’s side so my parents told him if you want to go see your aunt you can but not while you’re staying here because umm they cause drama. And ya drama started and my cousin left. After that they called the police to cause us trouble and it was DURING RAMADAN so I don’t know how low people can go but ya I still find that unbelievable. After that my parents went to this place I don’t really know I was at school that time but ya they told us if you want we can make it by law that they do not contact us, my parents refused because after all they are family.

14- Went to Syria for a visit again. I had SOOOO much fun. I was nervous at first because I dreaded going back and seeing that cousin that I didn’t really like. But it was all good lol. It was an experience I’ll never forget; I never had the opportunity to really experience what it was like to have family around you. Also met the guy that was asking for my hand, nice guy, his parents wanted yein kiteb al ktab …which is basically making it official but my parents refused to make it official till I get older. After leaving and returning to Canada I was REALLY REALLY upset cried every single day and I still haven’t completely healed I miss them a lot and I wish I can see them right now, two months and it felt like I’ve known them my entire life Subhan’Allah

15-Moved to another school that I’m still in and I don’t like it. The people in this school are just wow, and unbelievable I can never really associate myself with them.

16- umm, I started getting anxiety and all so I turned to Allah (swt) and actually started taking Islam more seriously. And I felt completely changed. During that time I had the most amazing dream ever, it was a religious dream, a dream that I will NEVER forget, every time I go through hard times I remember this dream and it makes me feel better because it was a dream where it symbolized Allah (swt) hearing and answering my Dua’s. This dream will always have an impression on my life. And I believe it was Allah (swt)’s way of answering my Dua of recovering from the anxieties because after that dream my faith in Allah(swt) increased dramatically and eventually and slowly my anxieties disappeared Alhamdulliah.

17 Aunt was diagnosed with cancer, but now has recovered Alhamdulliah. Became and still am a y!a addict and met some great users that are really nice. Never in my life did I think I would ever talk to people I did not know, y!a became the only exception and I’m glad I made that exception amazing people on here. Got an offer to the university I want to go to. Really good friend moved to Germany the one up there at 8 =(.


Anon: looool ahaha ya I know I can't believe I wrote all this =|

Update 2:

Wazgood: Alhamdulliah =P

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    well its about time Sarah A...I was beginning to think you didn't have what it takes

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    So you're only 17 Sara ? It's nice to see religious people at this young age . I started to care about Islam when I was 19 just because of one book I've read , it changed my life .

    From your biography I can tell that you're an extroverted person , creative ( because you performed well in acting ) , you're a feeling person , a feeling persons value family and friendships .

    Congrats for your engagement , he is a lucky guy to have you , the only problem is that we're Y!A addicts , I hope he won't complain from this .

    Good day .

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    I feel asleep at 1 years old: Don’t remember, learned to walk? lool =).

    lol JK!!

    i liked it.

    Source(s): good job!
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    wow mashallah :-| alhamdulilah sis :) May Allah swt keep a smile on ur face forever, amin <3

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    Nice biography. Masha'Allah.

  • bah, you're adorable!

    congrats on the recovery of your Aunt, mashAllah

    (is that what you say in these situations?)


    Allah(swt) knows best

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    a reallllllllllly nice life story yaar

    really enjoyed it

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    save this bio honey.. u might wanna use it in the future if u r gonna write a bio again..and u wouldn't need to type it all over again!!

    and to tell u the truth, i found ur bio interesting..i m looking fwd to wat u will be in 10 years time..

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    Too long to read. No one cares.

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