Second Life questions?

I just started there and have a couple questions.

1) How do I change eye color? I started out with brown eyes and can't figure out how to get blue eyes.

2) How do I properly change the hair? I came with a brown updo type thing, and when I tried to change the hair, it just changed it underneath the brown updo. It was like I was wearing a wig over my real hair. So how do I fix this? Thanks!


where do i get hair dye? lol

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    Eyes and your "underneath hair" cannot be removed. They must be changed. Check your inventory for items that have an eyeball looking icon and also items that have a wig looking icon. Right click and wear these items to change them.

    The eyes are relatively simple- although if the eyes you are wearing cannot be changed by the sliders in 'appearance' mode, you will need to change the eyes by looking through your inventory.

    The hair is a different matter. The 'underneath' hair or 'slider' hair or 'appearance' hair (it goes by those names) is icky yucky ugly hair. So when you find the little wig icon in your inventory, you are looking for one that is called a bald base (alternatively, you could type 'bald' into the top f your inventory window) This bald cap covers up SL's ugly slider hair making you completely bald and providing a wonderful base to wear your prim hair, which is the "wig" that you spoke of. This prim hair is the hair that is created by residents and comes in every color shape style etc you could want. I like Sirena hair (I am not affiliated with Sirena in anyway, but she has the very best SL tutorials on the web, so I will hawk her product all day long!)

    So, in essence, you are bald with a great "prim" hair attached to your scalp. In your inventory, the prim hair will have a little box icon next it, as opposed to the wig icon. (are we confused yet)

    Honestly, it takes a little to get your appearence down pat because of how confusing it is to start out. I was told recently that they got rid of the tutorial in the beginning, so where does that leave new residents? (without a cool torch, that's for sure.....ha ha ha)

    I love to help people in SL because I had such a hard time in the beginning, and so many nice people helped me, I always try to pass it on. Pay it forward, as it were. If you have any questions at all, or just want to chat, please come visit me at Rockwell (search: Rockwell under places) I am usually there or my husband is to chat or help new residents. (any smart alecks out there that feel the need to comment- my husband and I make part of our income from Second Life. I make cash- real live actual money that I pay my bills with by playing my video game, so no need for the "get a life" comments)

    here is the slurl:

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    normally, you can use some kind of hair dye or something of that nature. in that case, it should work out for your liking.

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