Neighbourhood problems! What should I do?!?

Hey everyone,

I live near a lake access in Toronto, Canada.

Every once in a while a group of teenagers/young adults will show up, party, and steal from the neighbourhood. We call the cops every time, but they always show up to late or not at all. Last night we confronted a man stealing off our property, and were threatened with death. Anyway, people that park there are really loud at 2:00 AM and i cant sleep, and the cops wont come a get rid of them. What can i do to deter and keep them from the lake access that is right beside my house? Im prepared to do anything, and i mean ANYTHING.

Please, give me some creative idea's to get these guys out of my neighbourhood for GOOD.`

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    I have actually participated in a neighborhood turn around project similar to your description above. Much of your energy needs to spent on putting pressure on politicians. I am not familiar with the political setup in Canada but elected officials are always interested when enough people are involved. Are you in a county or city? Sheriff's are elected and can be dealt with. They are usually receptive to profession and organized groups. Police chiefs answer to mayors who are also elected, call and write city officials, the media (big one), senators, etc. Do research on other neighborhood coalitions and get information.

    In the U.S. there are even federal grants available. Help help police get information such as troubled addresses, names, license plates, photographs, video cameras. The neighborhood I worked in is now a nice boring place. City and county commissioners are another place to apply pressure. Hold your community leaders accountable, organize your neighborhood and get as many people on board with weekly meetings, sending letters, emails, phone calls, etc. Good luck.

    Source(s): 10 yrs law enforcement
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