What are 3 types of music from colombia.?

I am doing a Spanish project on musical genres from Colombia and i must find 3. Anyone know any popular styles that come from Colombia and have a historical background?

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    Well im from colombia, but i dont know about the music of my own country, i only know that vallenato is from here, i have a link that describes some music from my country http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_of_Colombia

    I have to tell you that young people hear reggaeton, english rock or spanish rock and sometimes vallenato. Well im from Bogota and here most of the people hear these types of music. People from medellin also hear these types of music and also other cities but cities like barranquilla and cali normally hear salsa and differents types of music that i dont know.

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    Source(s): ME :) a colombian
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    check this out

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