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S.A vs NZ Maori team - Your thoughts?

Red-tape threatens to stand in the way of the New Zealand Maori side making an historic tour of South Africa.

Springbok coach Peter de Villiers said earlier this week he wanted his side to face the Maori team in the lead-up to this year's tour of South Africa by the British Lions.

The match had been pencilled in for Soweto.

However, SA Rugby has issued a statement saying that while discussions had begun over the possible New Zealand Maori/Springbok clash, significant work behind the scenes still had to be done.

That included working around a political stand to not allow the Boks to play against racially-selected teams.

Ironically, race is one of the selection criteria for the World Cup-winning Boks, with an accepted number of non-white players having to be named in each squad.

"SA Rugby would like to advise media on the background to speculation that a match is being arranged against the New Zealand Maori," the statement read.

"We can confirm that the New Zealand Rugby Union has inquired if there was an opportunity for the Maori team to appear in South Africa.

"SA Rugby is examining the possibility but no decision has been taken on whether the offer will be accepted and there are several obstacles to overcome should we wish to pursue the offer.

"They include the financial viability of the project, logistics around venues and player availability and the fundamental stumbling block of a long-established President's Council resolution forbidding the appearance of SARU teams against opponents selected along racial lines.

"A final decision is not expected until the end of March."

The match would give New Zealand Maori a reprieve for this season.

The side looked set to be sidelined for 2009 after the NZRU cut them from its calendar as part of its cost-cutting moves.

de Villiers then revealed that the South African Rugby Union was in negotiations to bring the Maori side to South Africa to play the Springboks in June.

The match would be the Boks' final warm-up match before the three-test series against the touring British Lions begins on June 20.

SARU has already confirmed a warm-up match against Namibia.

"We are playing them (Namibia) on May 29," de Villiers told Rapport.

"The game in Soweto is, however, subject to certain conditions and has not been finalised, but I hope it will happen.

"It will help me a great deal for my preparation. We can't take on the Lions without warm-up games."

New Zealand Maori won last year's Pacific Nations Cup.

They had previously taken part in the Churchill Cup, normally played in North America.

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    C'mon, people, you are being way too serious (and *way* too political) about this. NZ Maori is a mechanism to allow some more of the lads a chance to play very high-quality, representative rugby, thereby upgrading their experience, keeping them in the eye of the selectors, and generally improving competetive rugby overall in NZ. And high-quality rugby it is: they beat B&I Lions during the last tour, and regularly win the Churchill Cup in North America against the "A" sides from ENG, IRE, SCO and the national teams for Canada and USA. They would be a very good hit-out for the Boks, and provide high-quality, entertaining rugby for the RSA fans.

    It also honors a long tradition of contribution of the Maori people to rugby in NZ; call it a cultural thing. But don't get too hung up on the racial aspect - the qualifications are pretty loose: if I remember correctly, Christian Cullen - now there's a old, traditional Maori name - lined up with them once or twice.

    If you can round up a Kiwi with no Maori background, he's still got proportionally more high-level rugby union available to him (ABs, Junior ABs, Super-14, and ANZ Cup provincial) than any other population on Earth. That's not a racial situation that needs protecting in order to redress historical mistreatment or to calm our politically-correct nerves.

    I'd like to see NZ Maori (now that they have lost NZRFU funding) operate a bit like the Barbarians - become a barn-storming, all-star team that everyone wants to play against. Maybe they modify the Barbaraian tradition (of one uncapped player), and select one non-Maori.

    And then let's all go out and and have some fun playing rugby.

    Mark L.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The NZ Maori side in this day and age should be the NZ Barbarians and every one should have the opportunity to play. Why should young white, black, brown or yellow players not get the same opportunity. If some Maori people want their own rugby side then let them have it. I have no issue whatsoever with people wanting to maintain their culture whether it be Pacific Island, Middle Eastern or European however it should not be given the national financial support it has for so long. Having an ethnic based "national' team is an outdated racist based concept that smacks of racial hypocrisy and is typical of what is wrong in NZ. It is also one of the reasons 1 million NZ'ers live outside the country where they don't have to put up with all the NZ PC crap that is rammed down your throats. There is no doubt South Africa had/has a lot of racial problems but South Africa's recent attitude to a race based sporting team reflects what most of the world also thinks and it's about time that NZ realized that. I am a very proud New Zealander and embrace the fact that we have a proud NZ heritage and history which includes Maori, English, Dutch, Chinese etc. The Maori culture is a very proud one and helps make NZ distinct but I get very annoyed with comments from some idiots about it being 'their' country. I have no Maori blood however I am a 4th generation NZ'er. I seem to remember in my NZ Secondary School history classes that the Mori ori were the indigenous people of NZ. Has that changed now too?

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  • 1 decade ago

    To all of you New Zealanders that are saying one Nation cut the maori team, You all obviously have no idea about Rugby in New Zealand its almost comical to hear some of your comments. " one Nation then we mite win the world cup" you idiot!! The Nz Maori side has absolutely no Affect on Who Plays for the All Blacks team!! The NZ Maori side is a excellent way for New Zealand to get another team Playing against good opposition giving young talent an oppurtunity they mite not have gottn otherwise, It is the chance for NZ to have three teams Playing international competition which inly Benefits NZ rugby as A whole Now if we asked to have a All Black team a NZ A team and a NZ B team i think we would be Made to stick with two teams, which wud be a major setback for Nz Rugby. The Nz Maori team is selected After the All Blacks And the New Zealand A side so have no impact on our performance at the top level of international rugby other than giving the oppurtunity for 30 or so other players to experience international rugby so why the hell wud Any Kiwi want to get rid of the Maori team Knowing it will not be Replaced by another Nz side??? Its Ridiculous and id say their only reason is bcoz they are Racist.

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  • 1 decade ago

    NZ Maori team has been around for 100years. No other country has ever complained about playing them, if anything they have often been used similar to the Barbarians in the Northern Hemisphere. The difference between us and SA is we pick the All Blacks and Junior All Blacks on skill and form not on skin Color. NZ Maori is not a international team, and from my memory there was a sell out crowd, and no one complaining about selection when they beat the Lions. Also any poly player can go and play for the country they are from, however I am in favour of maybe creating a NZ pakeha team to target the decrease in pakeha taking up rugby. Our rugby is SO strong due to it's traditions, why change those, they are what add to the pride of our rugby nation.

    And really the team isn't being funded no more the the NZRFU so hey why not let them carry on if they can find there own funding.

    Also the Maori team in both league and rugby has helped the Aborigines get their own team in Australia, because they see it's benefits.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Why shouldn't the Maori team play? What a load of bull**** people! The maori team have a right to play a sport and play it on behalf ethnicity and of course there country hence the word NZ MAORI RUGBY TEAM! Why should race be a factor in a sport mumbo jumbo bull****! Maori are the native of NZ just like the aboriginies of australia and indians of america!

    Obviously the Bok coach chose the Maori team because of there talent not of there race! The Maori team will be a brilliant warm up match for the Boks! In 2004 and 2006 they won the churchill cup and they replaced the All Blacks Junior team and won the 2008 Pacific Nation Cup - They play at the level of All Blacks 2nd team but if you placed them in the World Cup they could beat a few of the top 10 countries in the IRB - Is that the reason for all the negativity of having a Maori team?

    Source(s): Get a life you losers who think maori should be wiped out of everything you pathetic piece of trash!
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The NZ Maori Team is undoubtedly a racially picked team. Nobody without Maori blood can play in it so it is racist. People mention that the team is traditional and as such should be ok but there are a lot of other traditional things that we would not want around in this day and age.. Maori team NO definitely NO

    Source(s): No sites referenced, Just commonsense.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Comments will always be like "We should only have one national team", They shouldn't be treated differently", We were here first" etc we can go on for ages.

    I think that the main problem with people is that they live in a box. I think it shows how intelligent and diverse New Zealand as a country is to accept a Ethnic Team for sports. You could say we are above the rest of the world in this case because the majority of New Zealand do accept the Maori Team. Most of us are probably half casts any way, so what difference does it really make. You can't say that Australia would accept to have an Aboriginal Team, or America have an American Indian Team, I don't think they will. And this is because they are close minded and don't like to see ethnic groups stand in what they believe in. So be proud New Zealand that for a country we are leaders in racial and ethical relations.

    The maori team is about strength, pride and togetherness, not to be the best in the world, or to take over the All Blacks. Please people it is just a team whom are proud to say what culture they are and what they are apart of.

    To not be able to play in South Africa will be sad, considering most of the South Africans I know would love to see them play the Maori.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well its pretty understandable South Africa's reasoning on the issue it should not come as to much of a surprise really considering there recent past. I guess they are trying to integrate there society at all levels and good for them.

    As for people making comments that NZ should scrap The New Zealand Maori Team what for? It works leave it alone- If the too teams cant play each other based on ideology they both should just move on to the next teams they can play.

    And no I don’t think Its that ironic the Springboks are Inclusive the New Zealand Maori team are exclusive. That’s quite a big difference in "racial" selection criteria.

    Source(s): Common sense
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well lets get rid of the all blacks because they dont represent Maori do they...well they dont...far easier to get rid of the Maori All Blacks...hello..this is typicial thinking been pressured into a selective process by a nation S.A that are saying hmmm thats not good all of a sudden wind change...laughable really.....

    ok lets instead unite....unite the All blacks an the Maori All blacks an call them the All Natives...after all it was the very first team from New Zealand 3 october 1888-9 Surrey ....Then of course let change the Maori league team at the last world rugby League cup to The ALL on an so on

    you cant have it both ways....New Zealand is a dutch name, lets change that too after all we are not Dutch instead of a National Party well call it the National Native party....after all that would be politically correct wouldnt it.......were else for goodness sake can Maori play rugby other than in there own country.....if thats be it...we are the orginal people of the land......SA bulls**t doesnt belong all know that.....New Zealand leads the way in passive resistance an a peaceful understanding between both cultures that reside at home....theres no need to change anything....get real

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Live and let live I say! There is far to much interference in peoples right to choose. If the Maori want a Team.. "Great" .. Other nations can choose to play them or not. For me there will only ever be 1 NZ AB team and that is the national side selected from the best players in New Zealand, BUT, I am immensely proud of our Maori heritage and culture and think it adds pride, individuality, power and colour to New Zealand as a whole. Who is anyone (individual or government) to say who can or can not create a team to play sport with others. "Everyone should have the right to choose" and that includes Pakeha.

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