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Jason, Freddy Kruger or Michael Meyers?

Which of these are your favorite of all time? Freddy Kruger is my favorite even though Michael Meyers scares me its like he never runs and yet he still catches you and finds you where ever you hide nd the way he walks freaks me out.. lol

Btw who has seen the New Jason movie that came out feb 13th,? is it worth going to theaters?

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    Michael Meyers is the freakiest to me as you mentioned he always catches up with his victims while they're running and he just walks.

    He's very quiet and the mask with nappy hair is just scary!!

    I think freddy is definitely a contender though since he can get you in his sleep.

    I haven't seen the new friday the 13th but I've heard it's actually pretty good.

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    Michael Meyer always. I think Freddy talks too much but very interesting to watch and Jason, his older movies I thought was boring because there is always a chance to get away and the people never really take it. It's just so predictable but the new Jason was pretty cool. So I always stick to Michael you just don't know what he's going to do next!

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    Michael Meyers

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    hummm Freddy Kruger. Michael Meyers is creepy and Jason is just sick. lol I have seen the new Jason movie. It is worth going to c it if u have seen the other movies. It wasn't that good compared to the originals.

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    I would say that out of those three, Freddy is the best because he's the most original. Michael and Jason are the typical bogymen, but Freddy attacks in dreams where he can control reality. Plus, while the woods and certain neighborhoods can be avoided, everyone needs sleep.

    Chalk one up for Freddy for originality.

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    Totallyyyyyy agree! i in my opinion rejoiced guffawing at Freddy and Jason in Freddy vs. Jason......yet Michael is a lot scarier! i DO nonetheless like the slashers like Freddy Krueger, Jason, Chucky, etc.

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    Freddy Krueger. To me, its harder to fight someone in your sleep. Plus when I was younger my Dad had a Freddy Krueger mask for Halloween and whenever he wore it I remember running in fear and burying my head in the couch like an ostrich lol. And as for the new Fri the 13th, the kills are good, the dialogue is awful lol.

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    Michael meyers. He freaks me out the most.

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    hands down freddy!!! he haunts you in your sleep..come on people, that's scary sh*t! michael meyers is sexy. if you like those movies, obviously you need to go watch it in the theater. not as good as the originals, but still a big deal!

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    Michael Myers and yes go see the movie i was so scared its a good movie

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