Finance and consulting career for industrial and operations engineering at university of michigan?

Finance and consulting career for industrial and operations engineering at university of michigan?

Basically, I am an IOE (industrial and operations) in the college of engineering. I am thinking about pursuing finance or consulting (management/strategic consulting that is) for my career. I know those are really competitive fields.

Right now, I am sitting at a 3.6 GPA right now (junior standing, I kinda slacked off freshman year) and I was talking to a couple LSA kids at a career fair and they are all like 3.8 3.9s.. Engineering classes are supposed to be harder and the average gpas and stuff in engineering are much lower than LSA (I am pretty sure most of you know that) my question is, will my lower gpa due to major negatively affect me?

Also, how does IOE from michigan place in consulting and finance?

I also have questions about grad school.. if consulting and finance are my career goals, what should I do?

There's a 5 year Master of IOE program (SGUS) which saves us a lot of trouble applying if our GPA is above 3.5 (it's almost an automatic in) ..but should I apply for master of financial engineering program instead? Or should i not even worry about grad school for now and just apply for an MBA program down the road? Is it possible to get into a top MBA program straight out of undergrad?

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  • Mark S
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    First, I don't think that your slightly lower GPA from U of M school of Engineering will hurt you very much. You still are holding over a 3.5.

    I think that after finishing your undergrad your priority should get getting a job and getting some good operational experience under your belt for a couple years. If, since times are rough you can't find a job, and you have the resources to do so, I would pursue the Financial Engineering program since your career goal is management/strategic consulting. I would also choose this graduate program over an MBA since MBA's are like a$$holes, everyone has one. You will have a competitive advantage over others.

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