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Potential Uses of Ultrasound In a Car (Black Box)?

Hi I am currently putting a design proposal together for ultrasound usuage in Black Box technology- the ones that are used by insurance companies and crash investigation.

So far I have come up measuring road profile - which I input into a suspension simulator to give a view of suspension during travel. And sensor and transmitters to detect exactly where a crash occured.

I was going to have ultrasound to calculate speed but I realised the doppler effect cant really be used with 'on board' transmitter and receivers.

Are there any other possible uses? I dont think there are, but that means I have very little to investigate and talk about in my design proposal.

Thanks for any help.

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    I Don't know enough about ultrasound technology to give exact ideas, however, could it be used to measure how much the brakes actually move in comparison to pedal depression.

    Meaning could a sensor, monitor brake movement and even brake pad thickness at the rotor? This info could signify if a problem occured in the braking system between the pedal and actual brake pad contact with the rotor.

    The only other thing I could think of is to measure hand position on the steering wheel itself. which could give crash data as to body position comparable to injuries.

    Hope this helps.

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