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How to make a tarnished flute shiny again?

I have had a flute for about 3 years. I didn't put it away or clean it well, so obviously its become tarnished and non shiny. Is there any way I can make it shine again?

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    While you may laugh at this answer, use toothpaste and a toothpaste brush to clean the tarnish. It works perfectly and good for all silverware.

    At least, when you play it, you won't get that odor from other chemical based solutions.

    And for those who think I am not serious, here is the link ... for you Mariam whatever, you can use toothpaste to remove tarnish and it will not damage the flute. Do your homework before yapping. Just because you play flute doesn't make you a god. I do have professionals working at the shop who can teach you a thing or two on cleaning brass instruments. I didn't say to apply the entire tube and, toothpaste is a safe product, non-toxic.

    And if are so good on the flute, how come you can't clean it ? Give me a break. My band members owns a silver and gold-plated King flute and uses tootthpaste and works wonders. Try it before TD'ing my answers. I don't believe your a judge wil all that immaturity and lack of respect for other answers. Especially when my answer is not a made-of, out-of-the-blue.

    As for value, I have over half-a-mil in instruments at my shop. So? who cares ? The asker just wants a normal answer...not a bragger.

    Source(s): Berklee Graduate / Studio Guitarist & Luthier
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    This Site Might Help You.


    How to make a tarnished flute shiny again?

    I have had a flute for about 3 years. I didn't put it away or clean it well, so obviously its become tarnished and non shiny. Is there any way I can make it shine again?

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    Flute Cleaning

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    Diy Tarnish Remover

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    My flute is also pretty tarnished and toothpaste works really well

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    Not to take sides with anybody but the toothpaste actually works very well on brass, stainless, silver etc... I do agree that it's non-toxic and very safe. The toothpaste has to be applied like paste without water. The link supplied by one of the psoter is a good informative link.

    Source(s): Own source-Wind instrument teacher and 18 pc. band conductor.
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    As Cantilena said, NEVER EVER try to remove tarnish yourself. Using chemicals or TOOTHPASTE is impossibly stupid - you can wash silverware in the sink, but you certainly cannot do that to a flute - and even the most microscopic amount of abrasive will find its way into the mechanism. And those sites where any idiot can post cleaning advice - yeah, I'd really trust MY instruments to them!!

    Once you flute comes home from the shop, keep a 3M anti-tarnish strip in the case - you need to change it out every so often. With the case closed, it absorbs free sulfur, and your flute will stay non-tarnished longer. However, you STILL need to wipe it down after you play - EVERY time! I use a microfiber cloth - not the kind with loops, which catches on the rod pins - but the velvety kind used to clean computer screens. I am wiping down a ten thousand dollar flute every day, so am VERY careful - and it stays looking good. This is only ONE of the instruments I own - and make my living with - so they ALL have to be in great shape, and I do not risk anything homemade in their maintenance. Sometimes, I leave it out on a flute stand, and then after a day or so, I see the beginnings of tarnish - reminds me that "I'll be right back" does NOT always happen. IN THE CASE, except when you are playing.

    Source(s): Professional flutist, certified teacher since 1971, competition judge in NY state. I currently own over $100,00 worth of fine instruments - I do not risk them for ANY reason.
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    If toothpaste could damage silver, it could also destroy teeth. It would be impossibly stupid to use toothpaste in your mouth. Whatever the ADA says, don't believe it

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    use turtle wax or any carnauba wax to clean it. You can also your silverware cleaners or the metal polish used by policemen to clean their badges.

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    Do NOT try to clean it on your own, you will only damage it more if you do!!! Instead, bring it to the instrument repairer to be fixed!!! Thereafter, DO remember to clean it every time after use in order to avoid the catastrophe!!!

    Source(s): I play the flute too!
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