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Can you save bacon grease?

I will make bacon and eggs for breakfast on the weekends sometimes. I cook the bacon first, then pour the grease in a little glass bowl. Then I cook the eggs in the same pan. They are the best eggs. Can I save the grease and use a little for the eggs on other days? Will they be just as tasty?

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    Yes by all means save it.

    Add a dallop of it cold to the fat for a pie crust for savory pies, or biscuits.

    Add a little to veggies-green veggies specially are the best.

    And frying potatoes etc... also a great flavor addition for beans and soups/stews.

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    : Save Your Bacon Fat.This is one practice we think all of our grandmothers probably did that's fallen by the wayside in our generation. But saving the grease left from cooking a batch of bacon isn't just frugal, it's a great way to add flavor to future dishes—and it makes cleaning the pan easier... Rather than pouring the hot grease into a container, which can be tricky (and painful, if you splatter), we let our pan sit on the stovetop for a while, until the grease solidifies into a pale, cloudy layer of fat. Then we use a spatula to scrape it out, which we think leaves the pan cleaner than if we'd poured off the liquid. It also allows us to pick up miniscule bits of bacon, which we like. If you don't want any residue, you can pour off the fat while it's hot and leave the remnants in the bottom of the pan. How can you use leftover bacon fat? The list could go on and on, but a few ideas: • In place of butter when scrambling eggs or frying potatoes. • Adding pork flavor to caramelized onions (using it in place of oil or butter). • As the base for sautéeing vegetables that will go into a frittata. • Rubbed on chicken breasts before roasting. • Spread on a pizza crust before you add the toppings. See a theme? Essentially, use a spoonful of bacon fat anywhere you'd use a pat of butter or a glug of olive oil.

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    I try to save glass jars to keep leftover bacon grease. Once your grease has cooled, pour it into the jar, seal tightly and keep in the refrigerator until ready to use.

    Sometimes I like to smear a little bacon grease on potatoes, bake as usual (with or without foil) -- delicious. When growing up, my mother always added a teaspoon of bacon grease to green beans, then let them simmer for about 15 minutes. I do that, too, sometimes -- especially during the holidays.

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    I keep a sealed dish of bacon grease in my fridge all the time! Bacon grease (although not very healthy) is wonderful flavoring for cooking green beans, fried potatoes, for popping popcorn in instead of oil, when making Chex Party Mix instead of butter, the list goes on and on!!

    Be sure to cover the dish and store in the fridge.

    My mom and grandma always did this, so I do too.

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    Yes, you can. We pour the bacon fat into a cup and refrigerate. There is always a cup of bacon fat in the refrigerator for when we aren't having bacon and want it to cook eggs. It makes things more slippery so the eggs don't stick too. Olive oil and butter (our other fats) aren't as good at keeping the eggs from sticking. Where we live, we know people who actually throw away the bacon but use the grease!

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    The fridge is fine but it depends on when you will use it.

    I actually keep a jar in the freezer. When I get some extra bacon grease I strain it and add to my jar. When I need some I just dig out a little bit

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    Yes, We have a cup of bacon grease in the fridge.

    It will get hard. But when you want to use it again, just scoop out a spoonful and let it melt back to liquid in the pan.

    I do it all the time. For eggs, mashed potatoes, etc.

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    Absolutely! Save that grease! I keep mine in a little tupperware container in the fridge. It also makes a good base for an amazing beef gravy.

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    Yes. Lard is animal fat and has been used in cooking for thousands of years.

    Just make sure that you do not keep it for too long as it could become rancid and carcinogenic.

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    Grease Bannock


    4 cups flour

    1 package active dry yeast

    1/4 cup sugar

    1/4 cup vegetable oil

    1/2 teaspoon salt

    2 cups water

    4 cups cooking oil, to fry in a deep frier works great aswell.

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