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Mental Institutions Question?

I heard that they shut them down in America. Is that true? And if their are some that are active what are the names and locations?

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    Not true by a long shot. Google New Jersey Psychiatric Hospitals. Hagedorn Psychiatric, Ancora Psychiatric, Greystone Psychiatric (Pennsylvania), Ann Klein Forensic Psych Hospital (for criminals), Arthur Brisbane Child Treatment Center, Trenton Psych, goes on and on. The only state I know of that doesn't seem to have any real psych hospitals is Vermont.

    go to this site:

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    HA! Not even. Still plenty, and psychiatric hospitals in pretty much all cities. In fact I was just in one recently, and just recently got out.

    Unless you mean for the criminally insane? I would assume those are still up n running too.

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  • Anonymous
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    In Cleveland it's Northcoast Behavioral Center.

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    they are all over the world, they haven't been shut down, just improved. patient care is better now than it was.

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