What are you favorite add ons by firefox and which would you recommend?

today is 2/17/09,I just want to find out what have been or are your latest add on features that you've found recently and what you dig about them,or if you've found any that suck please add that info also,feel free to elaborate.Thank you.

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    Add block is a must, but by all means get element hiding helper, you will love it. It allows you to take anything off a page you do not want to look at, and keep it off, and this can can be done in two clicks. It is amazing when you think about it, all the useless stuff that are on webpages. Most is advertising, and some is just useless info, and if you visit that page often you may not wish to keep looking at it

    Stylish is also a great add on, it can make your pages always have a dark background, a blue background, or whatever. It can change font colors, or do really crazy stuff. There are many styles for google for instance, or any popular site. There are styles for YouTube that change the size of video screen and move the details to the bottom instead of them being on the side, etc Anything you want. And there are many global styles available.

    Switch Proxy is also very important since more and more sites are blocking people depending on what country they are in. This will work in conjunction with what ever proxy device or service you may choose, but it is important these days to be able to change your ip when browsing, on account of your privacy

    Video Downloader Helper. There are different versions of this, but important to have. If you see a video you like you should download it. You never know when you may see it again, as often these are deleted from the site

    Scribefire. If you ever post on a blog and get fed up with the lousy interface and small window you have to type in, etc this is a must have. Plus if you have more than one blog, you can post to all of them at once

    Fireuploader. Often faster and easier than uploading to the site itself. Plus you can upload to different sites like YouTube, MySpace, etc all at once and forget about it while you continue your browsing

    Chatzilla. A built in irc client for Firefox if you happen to use irc

    The Mycroft Project has a variety of different search engines, so instead of using google you can get a plugin for nearly any search engine you want from their page, and it works in the Firefox search box

    That does it for me. There are several good ones for playing radio but not really into that, so I will let someone else cover that one.

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    you will tray Opera Mini Web Browser


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    stumbleupon =D

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