Who was Jennifer Love Hewitt talking about on Jay Leno?

I just watched The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and he and Jennifer Love Hewitt were talking about a sleazy actor that she and another actor had both dated, but they wouldn't say his name. Said actor apparently told another actress that they should have sex as soon as he picked her up on a date, and made similar remarks to Jennifer Love Hewitt when they were on a date.

Anybody know who this guy is?

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    Ok I asked the same question and then used the links that someone else posted about who dated who.

    My answer is Wilmer Valderrama, she dated him. He played Fez in that 70s show and now does the voice of the beloved kids show Handy Mandy whom my son watches with love.

    I remember seeing the MTV cribs episode on him and when they entered the foyer, there was a "homeless looking" girl in there on a mattress just thrown in on the floor.

    Then I found this statement from howerd stern.

    "In March of 2006, That 70's Show star Wilmer Valderrama sent shockwaves through Hollywood with his racy on-air interview with Howard Stern. Wilmer basically gave Howard and his millions of Sirius listeners the run-down on some of the hot celebrities he claims to have conquered."

    You can read more of that interview here:


    You do the math.

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    No because Jay whispered the name to Jennifer and

    we weren't able to hear it so someone who knows Jennifer's

    past dating partners might know or hazard a guess.

    Try Googling "Jennifer Love Hewitt has dated" and you'll see some results like: she has dated singer-guitarist John Mayer, talk show host Carson Daly, actor/model Kip Pardue, writer Chris Benson, singer-songwriter Rich Cronin, actor and singer Joey Lawrence, professional kayaker Brad Ludden, and actor Will Friedle. She was engaged to Scottish actor Ross McCall.

    Cruise on down to Personal Life:


    And, there's this...




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    My guess would be kip pardue. I mean the dude is abercrombie model and an armani model. That seems like the kind of credential that accompanies a person who says "all this" and circles their privates.

    I doubt it'd be John Mayer or Carson daily. It can't be Will friedle, because she later went on to make a guest appearance on his show. And they did say actor.

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    I think it was Dane Cook, cause later in the show they were talking about a comedy show and jay asked if that actor was on it or something like that. so that might mean he is a comedian. going back to the remarks that the guy said to jennifer, he said something like "i have been saving this for you" circling his crotch with his finger and i think i have seen dane cook doing something like that in one of his shows, and if he hasn't i sure can see him doing it.

    I don't know if this is true but its just my logic, but i hope we find out.

    Source(s): just a guess
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    based on the list from whosdatedwho.com I would say either Andrew Keegan or Wilbur Valderamma. I immediately thought of Colin Ferrell last night when hearing the story, but he's not anywhere on the list.

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    I'm not sure which actor but this may help in your search to narrow it down:

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