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    Stitch Encounter is an interactive show located in Tomorrowland at Hong Kong Disneyland. A similar attraction, under the name "Stitch Live!", is located inside Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Resort Paris.

    The attraction is an prime example of both real time animation and digital puppetry. Stitch Encounter consists of an unscripted, real-time conversation between park guests and the animated character Stitch, Experiment 626 from Disney's Lilo & Stitch movies and TV series. The attraction, which opened in July 2006, was part of a three attraction expansion to Tomorrowland, Hong Kong. It is located adjacent to the entrance of Space Mountain. The attraction offers shows in three different languages (Cantonese, Mandarin and English), to accommodate the variety of languages guests of Hong Kong Disneyland speak. Show times are available at the entrance of the attraction and each show has a length of approximately 20 minutes

    Guests are seated in a movie theater-like room, The "Space Traffic Control" room, and children are encouraged to sit up front, on the floor, so that Stitch can see them during the show. When the host of the "Space Traffic Control" requests the computer to search for an available spacecraft captain to talk to, the computer connects to Stitch's spacecraft. After that, guests (both children and adult) in the "Space Traffic Control" room are chosen to chat with Stitch. Stitch can both interact with guests and take their pictures. A hidden cast member supplies Stitch's voice and controls his animation, allowing the character to talk and interact with guests. The "animated" character looks and moves much like he does in the movie, complete with corresponding facial expressions and gestures. The conclusion of the show occurs when the audience aids Stitch in his escape from Captain Gantu.

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