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中二英文 .............. 唔該

1 ) Siffix : 幾時用 ion , ment , 同 ness ? 有咩字係有+呢D野嫁 ?

2 ) 幾時用 because , 幾時用 because of ? 有咩句子係有+呢D野嫁 ?

3 ) 幾時用 hope , 幾時用 wish ?有咩句子係有 + 呢D野嫁 ?

4 ) 最後 , 有冇咩網有呢 D 野 GE 練習 ?

5 ) thx

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    1) Suffixes

    1.1) ion (act or state of)

    e.g. dictation, perfection, confusion, sanction制裁

    1.2) ment (state or quality, act of doing)

    e.g. refinement, excitement, replacement, movement

    Here is a great website for you below.


    2) 幾時用 because, 幾時用 because of? 有咩句子係有+呢D野嫁?

    - I love her because she is special. <--- because = conjunction; she is special = a clause即子句

    - I passed my final exam because of you. <--- because of (someone)

    - He could not come to my party because of his illness. <--- because of (something)


    3) 幾時用 hope , 幾時用 wish? 有咩句子係有 + 呢D野嫁 ?

    Wish is most commonly used in hypothetical (or imagined) situations:

    I wish I were a man. (I am a girl.)

    I wish my father were here. (He is not with me now.)


    I wish you a Merry Xmas!

    I wish you luck!

    I wish you all the best!


    I wish to see you. <--- Desire (at the moment)



    I hope to see you again. (future)

    I hope (that) you will come to my party. I hope (that)... (future tense)

    I hope you come to my party this Friday. I hope + present (refers to the future)

    I hope (that) you had a good time with him. I hope + past tense (some time in the past)

    A website for you


    4) Exercises for you ( because; because of)


    5) You are welcome. (welcome = adjective) .^_^.




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