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urgently to apply visa

can a single girl go to apply visa to met my boy friend in states and get marry is easy to approve or not.

what document i need to provde????


my boy friend have a U.S. citizen

Update 2:

and if i not provide job vocation letter can i apply visa to U.S.A

Update 3:

if im not sure when i visit to states can i apply visa first and do u need bf letter

Update 4:

1)if i wanna take a vacation first to meet my bf then get marry in states, which form i need to fill and how to apply visa.

2)if i wanna get marry with my U.S. bf then will live in states, which form he need to issue.

so point 1 & 2 which one is easy to apply visa?

Update 5:

if im not sure visit to U.S. to see my bf on April or June, can i apply the visa first, how to?

Update 6:

urgent........urgent.........who know how to upload photo to application form????

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    I will recommend you and your boyfriend to apply K-1 visa.

    1.K-1 visa is a visa for fiance(e). This visa requires applicant to getmarried within 90 days of entry. Then you must apply for adjustingstatus to permanent residency.

    2. Using B1/B2 Business/Travel Visa can increase your difficulty in either getting the visa or adjusting the status.

    For detail of K-1, please go to:


    2009-02-18 15:46:08 補充:

    1) You can try B1/B2 Business/Travel Visa. For detail for the application, please go to:


    2009-02-18 15:46:43 補充:

    2) Go back to my original response.

    2009-02-18 15:48:31 補充:

    The most funniest thing is your #2 (my original response) is easier. In applying non-immigrant visa, the Consulate try to rule out your chance of staying and over-staying.

    2009-02-18 15:48:54 補充:

    However, although K-1 is a non-immigrant visa but it is also a visa already implied for intention to stay. It is processed similar to a immigrant visa.

    2009-02-18 15:49:56 補充:

    Although it takes longer time and effort to apply, but the good thing is as soon as you are eligible (good background and everything). You can simply apply for it with your bf support (even without financial information).

    2009-02-18 15:50:36 補充:

    Beside, B1/B2 can deny you based on you have a bf in the U.S. (and you have a slightly high chance for denial).

    2009-02-22 03:11:11 補充:

    You can't rush the situation, especially you are a trouble case. The United States does not want your kind of people to get a travel visa, get married, and settle in the United States. So you must think what do you want.

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