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    During this winter vacation (break), I went to see an animation movie called "Ponyo On The Cliff by The Sea". I think the plot of this movie is pretty neat and is easy to understand. In addition, I heard that all the scenes are manually painted (drawn). As we can see, this movie is actually completed (made) by lots of ideas and details. The protagonist (main character), Ponyo, is different from other girls who are well-behaved and obedient. Instead, she is naughty and stubborn. Yet, these character traits reveal her cuteness. This film also includes the concepts of environmental protection. All the creatures from the ocean have been told that people and things from the land are extremely dirty. Therefore, it makes us feel guilty because we pollute this clean island immoderately. I personally recommend this movie, which can easily be followed by a five-year-old child, so parents (adults) can take their kids to watch this movie.

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    I watched an animation film call "Ponyo on the Cliff" during the winter break. I found the plot really excellent and easy to follow. Also, purportedly every frame in the film was manually drawn, which goes to show how much attention and detail went into making it. The main character (Ponyo) is not your average nice and sweet female character, but rather a little bit mischievous & stubborn - this, however, actually adds to the likeability of the character. The film also carries a bit of ecologically friendly message - the part about howsea creatures have been taught that everything on land is not clean or pure serves as a good wake up call for us adult humans that we've gone too far polluting our precious planet. Personally I'd highly recommend this film, and since the story can be grasped by any 5-year old kid, it also makes for great entertainment for the whole family.

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