Where did the notion that atheists are trying to take prayer out of school come about?

Have some atheist organizations developed some sort of mind control or mind reading device that I'm not aware of? Or are the fundie groups just mad that the teacher can no longer lead classes in group prayers? I mean, if you want to live in a theocracy, I've heard that Iran is nice this time of year...


Assuming that you're not full of ****, steve, you'd have a serious law suit on your hands and you and your parents would be completely void of legal knowledge not to pursue a case.

Update 2:

DTTW- When was I claiming to be persecuted against, sport? Is that what pointing out stupid stereotypes is to you?

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    Christian revisionist history. They persecute anyone who doesn't agree with them (Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, all the same) and when they get called on it, they were the ones being persecuted "for their faith".

    My aunt (big time religious nut) wouldn't let her kids play with me when we were little because I was the family bastard (her words). Bush did drugs, found Jesus, and went on to promote zero tolerance for drug addicts. Good Christian Klansmen use the bible to say why blacks, gays, Jews, and Catholics are lower. Even now Fred Phelps organizes anti-gay protests at Iraq veteran funeral (apparently they died because god blames them for letting the gays take over).

    Anti-abortionists kill doctors, bomb clinics, and say it's God's law.

    I went to catholic school for a short time, the penguins could never give me any good answers to my questions. Ditto in Sunday school. My mother grew up in a Catholic orphanage, she was beaten with a stick with a nail in it for lying when she was 10 (by nuns). The people I've been cheated by and who've lied to me the most are the most religious I've known.

    So, my mom's a Catholic, my dad's a Protestant, my sister's a Baptist, and I'm an Atheist. Who's going to the fairytale land of Hell?

    I believe in what I see. Jim Jones, David Koresh, Jesus Christ; all got people to follow them by saying they were the savior. Just cause one was more successful than the others, I'm supposed to follow him blindly?

    Atheists are tolerant, Christians (not a majority, but many) are not. I always hear "If you don't like it, go to Cuba/China/Russia". These morons don't understand their attitude is totalitarian and America is where we're supposed to tolerate & accept those who are different.

    Remember, your ancestors came here (unless your a Native American - they deserve to hate us) to get away from your attitude.

    Update: As far as the "Under God" part of the pledge. It was written by a minister without that and added during the Red Scare by McCarthy's followers. The most conservative guy (to the right of Attila the Hun - His words) I know, won't say that part, because it wasn't in there when he was a kid.

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    I think it came from atheists and others seeing the need to speak out against the growing rash of violations of church state separation.

    lets not be shy about this. The law is clear. Religion has no place in our public institutions.

    Atheists, if anything, have been to nice about tolerating the aggressive natures of faith-based agendas. The only person I recall who ever spoke up for secularism and church state separation was M. M. O'hare way back in the fifties. Since then there's been a virtual vacuum where the voices of atheism and secularism should have been. It wasn't until the late seventies and early eighties, under Carter's watch and Regan's administration, that secular issues came to the forefront again. School prayer, abortion and public displays of nativity scenes all seemed to come under fire at once - and rightly so.

    So here's my message: God-believers, all of you... Keep you silly notions of belief private, and keep your religious practices out of the way of the public domain. Its the law. Please remember that. Thank you.


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    I've never heard that atheists are trying to take prayer out of school. I have only heard that they want "Under G-d" taken out of the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. I was in high school when all this started. The Ten Commandments were also to be taken down unless the schools in my state would put some form of document up for all religions and for atheism. I witnessed the principal actually take them down and stomp on them and some students lighting them on fire in the restroom. I feel that if atheists want things out of school and out of the allegiance, maybe they should go to their own school just like a lot of christians had to do so that they may have school prayer.

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    class action suit against the government (government run school system)

    this suit set the precedent.

    I believe this occurred in the early 80's

    If i recall correctly, the plantiff was a Chinese immigrant.

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    I think it developed after teacher-led prayer was banned in public schools and then escalated.

    Student led prayer and private prayer are still a-ok in public schools.

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    I'm just trying to keep prayer out of science texts.

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    It caters to some Xtians deep seated need to feel persecuted for their beliefs.

  • Because of that evil satanic woman Madalyn Murray O'Hair & her brainwashed son & daughter ~ who btw, have been murdered. :D Anyway, their psychoticness started it all. Her normal son, who has God on his side, was able to escape the brainwashings.

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    They really don't understand the difference between atheism and secularism.

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    no captain dickface, Atheists actually want non-atheism out of schools. I've gotten detention before for having a BIBLE. not even reading it, just having it, like it was some sort of contraband.

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