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Adding new video card?

this is the computer i have

i just added a new 1.5GB about a month ago and i'm thinking about updating the graphic card to geforce 9800gtx+ as my current card is having some problem.

i believe that the PSU on my computer is only 350W, and the 9800 require 450W. I was wondering if it's ok to update the graphic without updating the PSU?

I don't really game much, although i do lots of video editing and recording in some game and photoshop. beside 9800gtx+ does anyone have any suggestion on a different card that doesn't require much power supple but allow me to do most of the work above?


and thanks for the info guys. I will reconsider about updating the graphic card.

Update 2:

haha, yeah i mean 1.5TB lol

to be honest, i really don't want to mess with the PSU at all because if i do i will have to remove all the cables and some hardware in order to take it out. I'm afraid i will mess it up.

as for my current graphic card, it keeps making a weird noisy sound and i mean really loud which is annoying.

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    You added what? Another 1.5GB of RAM? I'm assuming you mean a 1.5TB hard drive, lol.

    The 9500 (the card that came with the system) should be fine. How is it giving you problems? Try updating the video drivers .

    There is no way I would put a 9800 in if it requires 450 and you only have 350W. First off, it could cause damage, secondly a power supply a relatively cheap, noting that it "protects" all other components and hardware.Third, even if you got it to work, it would put so much strain on your power supply, it wouldn't last more than a year and would require replacement and may also damage hardware.

    As stated above, you don't require anything more than the 9500 that's supplied with the purchase.

    Lastly, you don't NEED a 650W, 550W, or even 450W power supply (as others have suggested). I built my mom's computer a year ago and it has a 380W power supply and runs flawlessly. If you do intend to upgrade your power supply, go for something at about 450W. It'll have a better energy efficiency than a more powerful PSU, and will last just as long and cost much cheaper.

    Message me if you require additional assistance.


    If it's really loud, it's almost certainly due to the fan. Try using a program called Rivatuner to adjust the fan speed. As long as your GPU doesn't exceed 55-60deg when idle, it should be absolutely fine.

    If your video card performs without issue, then I wouldn't replace it (waste of money).

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    NO, NO, NO!!! If you run that graphics card that requires more power then the PSU has, you bill burn up the PSU. This will not only kill the PSU but may damage your other system components like your CPU, Hard Drive, Motherboard and stuff with very unstable power and voltages!

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    NOOOOO don't upgrade without updating the PSU.

    Your current card may have problems just because of your PSU as it is. Go buy a new PSU, brand name, trusted, 650W+ (I didn't do the checking so yea, don't go exactly by me, but at least 650W).

    A good site to go for all this stuff is

    It is a free site, and I am just a member but I do recommend them to a lot of people because they are extremely helpful.

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    maximum computers straight away disable the on board video card once you plug a sparkling one in. if no longer interior the bios you may desire to get the choice to p.c.. what one to apply as quickly as the two are plugged in.

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    Have tried Rivatuner lately. I got it from this site

    It works very well

    Bye Bye

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