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How do I talk dirty to my boyfriend when we're fooling around?

Im just wanting some ideas on how to talk dirty to my boyfriend while were "fooling" aorund...I always find it weird but he loves it, and I don't know how... Any suggestions?

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    One way is to just say what he is doing... like if he is doing something, say, "yeah... keep ____ing me." (Whatever it may be."

    Eye contact is important. Tell him he is doing things well, too. "Yes! Just like that!"

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    Umm actually I was you a couple months ago! I really didnt know and honestly never did it myself prior to my current bf. I would just suggest ask him if he likes it (what you are doing) or ask how he likes it. Plus you can try being dominating if possible: boss him around like say, "put your hands here", "do it NOW" lol or "do not take your eyes off of me" etc. and so on. You have to be really convinced that you have the upper hand in order to do it correctly! Be confident and bold when you make demands. Some guys literally get off on that ****.

    I think in a way my bf likes that when I get kind of aggressive even though that is not my actual personality! He loves it even though I am really so not used to doing it, I learned very quickly how to be adept to pleasing him as well as enjoying it also even though yeah we are just fooling around so it makes things less predictable and more exciting You could try just saying some random **** like how you cant wait for him to touch you or say how wet you are, things like that will work! lol.

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    I have to say, I hate talking dirty; it's phony to me. I think I scream out only when I'm truly excited. If I want to be touched a certain way or him to kiss me in certain places, I think guys think it's very hot to be direct and tell them exactly what you want and where you want them to touch. They may think it's dirty, but I find that more real that just saying stupid things just to try to be sexy.

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    There are just some women who find this weird feeling and just are not good at this. Most of us.

    It sounds so insincere. Don't even try.

    A good move is more effective than a script.

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    uhmm tell him what you would do to him if you were to do more..

    im not really sure ive never had a guy ask me to talk dirty to him

    like.. i have but i forget what i said xD

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    Tell him what you want to do to him, what you want him to do to you, how much you like what he's doing, what really turns you on, etc.

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    this one has always been hard for me to do

    but with my recent partner things like that are coming easy

    don'tt go out of your comfort zone unless your trulcomfortablele

    when your in love and turned owith ht he one you love that sort of stuff just flies out of you!!!!!

    things like tell then they are sexy hot tell him how turned on your are or even just tell him what you would like him to do to you!! or join in your self, the guys love it when girls do things themselves...... Find out what it is the excites you and embrace it!!! nothign to be ashamed of

    ummm im keeping in mind that kids read this stuff imagination you just have to use sweet......

    good luck

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    Call him baby and tell him how good it feels. Look him in the eyes when your talking to him. It will make him insane.

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    Just say what comes naturally to you at the time, maybe how much you want him...., what you really want to do to him etc. If his you know what is big tell him.

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    Well tell him what he wants to hear. make him feel "happy". get him happy tell him hes a bad boy. and act like a striper and stuff

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