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Is subway a healthy fast food restaurant?

if not.. what is the healthiest fast food restaurant. I know they are all unhealthy but what the best one to eat at?

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    I'm not sure if Subway is THE healthiest fast food restaurant, but it does have some very good healthy choices. I work there, and trust me a lot of the subs are not healthy. It all depends on how you eat there. If you get a Spicy BMT with mayo you might as well just go to McDonalds. But you can choose a 6 in on wheat or honey oat bread, turkey, ham, or chicken sandwich. And a 6 in typically gets two slices of cheese, to lower the amount of fat just ask for one. Then pile on the veggies. Go for spinach, bell peppers, cucumbers, olives and carrots (if they have them) For the sauce stay away from the mayo and those types of dressings. Try getting regular mustard or sweet onion sauce. And just ask for one line of it (they usually do three across the sandwich) You'll get just as much flavor with less calories. Also NEVER put oil on it. I don't understand why we have it. But you can try some red vinegar, it does have health benefits. And try not putting salt, pepper I'm sure isn't bad, but the salt is just way to load on the sodium. And you'll be asked if you want chips and a drink most likely, skip on the soda and ask for a water cup. And then if you do want a side get apples or a yogurt.

    Things you should never get at Subway:

    Anything with bacon (Subway melt, BLT, Chicken Bacon Ranch) and don't ever add bacon to anything.

    Spicy Italians and Spicy BMTs (horrible horrible for you)

    Seafood Sensation and Tuna Salad (These wouldn't be so bad, but it meat is mixed with regular mayo, not light)

    The Feat and Philly Cheesesteak, or any double stacked subs

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    For fast food restaurants I would have to say Subway is pretty good. Depends on what you order too, if you get chips and a cookie on the side it won't be as good for you. That goes for any restaurant though.

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    Subway is good if you don't eat there every day. Eat maybe 3 or 4 times a week at Subway. Never go to McDonalds or Burger King!

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    I want to say Yes, but I do not know enough about health information to make a good judgement call. I say, if you feel like eating it, and you are watching what you eat, and you're balancing your diet, then sure! Be sure to look at Subway's little sheet for health facts about the different types of subs. :)

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    its decent if you dont get alot of toppings.

    bell peppers, lettuce, etc is fine.

    but like oil, vinegar, cheese, mayo, mustard.

    which people load on it, makes it almost just as unhealthy.

    the healthiest fast food restaurant just from what ive read and what not is chipotle.

    i dont know if youve heard of that or not.

    if your looking for something more big named thats healthy, good luck.


    mostly everything is equally unhealthy when its fast.

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    Subway is one of the healthiest, but you need to pick what you eat carefully.

    No "full flavour" dressings, and none of the high-fat subs (like the meatball sub).

    ie: 6-12" veggie, 6-12" turkey, 6" assorted (not double-stacked) with fat-free dressing.

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    Well I'm pretty sure it's Subway.

    because that's what they promote themselves on.

    Plus they make the sandwiches in front of you so your not getting something packed with preservatives and salt & sugar, like McDinalds where some of there burgers have so many preservatives that they do not break down.

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    Much better than Wendy's, MacDonald's, Taco Bell, Burger King, Hardee's and any other one you can think of. At least they offer healthy selections and are not that expensive.

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    It can be healthy, they have a menu for all of these subs and their calorie count

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    Yes because they really dont have any carbs & THEY HAVE THINGS LIKE TOMATO,PICKLES (they r healthy bacause they r like cucumbers and many more

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