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Does anyone know any party songs?

Im talking about actually parties, booze parties lol Alrite i got a couple so far

Put your drinks up(or bottles) i forget w/e

Day and Night

One night in bangkok remix GIve me a list of 5 songs, they can be hiphop, techno, classic rock, as long as they are party songs,

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    this is long beware, but hope I helped. if I didn't sorry, maybe someone else can.

    Some recent favorites:

    4 Strings - "Curious"

    Altar - "Party People"

    Amber - "Melt With the Sun"

    Armin Van Buuren - "Love You More"

    ATB - "Feel Alive"

    Avalon Superstar - "So Alive"

    Bob Sinclar - Tennessee

    Bumcello - "Dalila"

    Collage - "Set Your Love Free"

    D-Code - "My Direction"

    Danielle Bollinger - "Surrender Me"

    Darren Hayes - "Step Into The Light"

    Deepface - "I Want To Live"

    Deepsky - "Ghost"

    Dhany - "Let It Go"

    DJ Encore - "Point Of No Return"

    DJ Mike Cruz - "Movin' Up"

    Tiesto - "Break My Fall"

    Tiesto - "In The Dark"

    DT8 Project - "Hold Me Till The End"

    Edun - "Put Em Up"

    Elissa - "Truth"

    Filo & Peri - "Anthem"

    Flanders - "By My Side"

    Fredrick Ford - "Turn My World Around"

    Freemasons - "Rain Down Love"

    Georgie Porgie - "I Believe"

    Gilles Luka - "Somebody"

    Mink - "Everlasting Love"

    Inaya Day - "Breakaway"

    Jacinta - "Can't Keep It A Secret"

    Jason Antone - "Be Free"

    Jenna Drey - "By The Way"

    Micky Modelle feat Jessy - "Over You"

    Joi Cardwell - "Believe In Us"

    Junior Jack feat. Shena - "Dare Me"

    Kaskade - "Sometimes"

    Kate Ryan - "We All Belong"

    Kim Leoni - "Again"

    Kim Leoni - "Medicine"

    Rachel Panay - "It's Got To Be Love"

    Kristine W. - "Walk Away"

    Kyau & Albert - "Walk Down"

    Kyven - "Stronger Love"

    Liquid 360 - "Tell Me Right Now"

    Locktown - "Alive"

    Lucas Prata - "I Think I'm Falling In Love"

    Madison Park - "One Day"

    Mason - "Perfect Exceeder"

    Matt Darey - "Beautiful Day"

    Meck - "Feels Like Home"

    Milk Inc - "Sunrise"

    Mon A Q - "Daydreamin"

    Offer Nissim - "Be My Boyfriend"

    Paul Van Dyk - "White Lies"

    Perry Twins - "Activate My Body"

    Pepper Mashay - "Lost Yo Mind"

    Peter Luts - "Don't Go"

    Reina - "On My Own"

    Roc Project - "I'll Never Let You Go"

    Scooter - "Behind The Cow"

    September - "Cry For You"

    Serge Devant - "Surround You"

    Shapeshifters - "New Day"

    Sin City Suspects - "Under Your Spell"

    Soul Shakers - "Shame Shame"

    Stonebridge - "SOS"

    Suite 117 - "Smaller"

    Sun - "Gone"

    Suzanne Palmer - "Free My Love"

    Sylver - "Why"

    Tara Z - "Imagine If"

    Tears Of Technology - "Higher Ground"

    The Attic - "The Arrival"

    Therese - "Feelin Me"

    Thiago Derucio - "There's Nothing"

    Tony Moran - "Something About You"

    Starting Rock - "Don't Go"

    Noel Sanger - "My Only Prayer"

    Jason Walker - "Flexible"

    Danny feat. Therese - "If Only You"

    Ultra Nate - "Automatic"

    <33 shay

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    Officer by Slightly Stoopid

    Wicked Rebel by Slightly Stoopid

    Till it Gets Wet by Slightly Stoopid

    FIND ON iTunes or Yahoo Music

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    easily the songs that j'adore suggested, i've got have been given a feeling, fireplace burning evacuate the dance floor, save a horse experience a cowboy, motel room provider, desirable around, get low (from the window to the wall, come on eileen (i comprehend that may not hip hop, yet they constantly play that music at my dances) hmm.. until finally i crumple, beat it, secret, billie jean, (michael jackson=great everyday considering that he's lifeless)

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    i get knowcked down - chumbawamba

    back in black - acdc

    stand up - ludacris

    born slippy - underworld..

    i have lots more, cause we always try and find an anthem for each night out..

    have fun..

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