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Why do people fly Confederate flags?

I don't understand why anyone would fly this flag. Please explain.

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    Confederate flags were originally a symbol of southern pride, it was a way for people to show their support for the confederate troops.

    Overtime it's been used as a symbol of hatred and white supremacy due to groups like the KKK carrying it around, and that is what it is generally seen as today.

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    I understand how some people may think its a racist symbol, but for many people its NOT. Remember, the civil war was fought about state's rights and economical differences, not fundamentally over slavery. The end of slavery was a result, but not the fundamental reason for the war. In fact, most of the North had indentured servants. Is there really a difference in only owning the slave for 10 years than for life? Is there really a difference in having the slave in the cotton field or the indentured servant raising your kids for you?

    In the South, the Confederate flag is representative of Southern culture. Its about being rural and likeing things like playing hard in the mud and home made fried foods and hospitality towards strangers. The flag is really NOT supportive of slavery, and while some people have turned into a symbol of slavery, for most people its not.

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    In the hope the South will rise again I suppose. Also I can see people in the Southern States who like it or revere the flag but why do Northerners or Canadians sport it all over the place?


    Michael Kelly

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    The Civil War was not fought for states rights and economic reasons. Jefferson Davis said in his last message to Congress that they were not seceding for "pecuniary reasons". The Vice President of the Confederacy said that slavery was the "cornerstone" of the new government. Also read Jefferson Davis's last speech to Congress and the declarations of causes by the secession conventions (all name slavery of the reason).

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    i supposed pride. they or their ancestors fought there. their rebelling a little against america

    i dont know, maybe ask someone who you see flying one.

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