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I have a medical marijuana permit from Colorado. Which kind of marijuana is good for muscle spasms?

I know there are different varieties of marijuana and they are good for different things. There is one called Blueberry something that is supposed to be helpful to increase the appetite. Trainwreck and Four-way are for pain at night. I want some for muscle spasms that will not make me too high.

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    Many strains are effective for muscle spasms, however, the key to what you want rests in "something that doesnt make me to high". There are two main cannabinoids in marijuana: called THC tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD, or cannabidiol. There are also 2 original geographical varieties of marijuana: indica and sativa. Indicas originated below the 30th parallel in the Himalayan mountains, while sativas originated below the 10th parallel in the SE asian regions. Sativas typically have high THC and almost no CBD, whereas indicas may have up to equal amounts of CBD to THC.

    THC causes the high. By itself, THC is a stimulation, increasing heart rate, sympathetic nervous system activity, and resltelessness. When combined with CBD however, the high changes from uplifting to more narcotic. Furthermore, another chemical called linalool (a terpenoid) is well documented to cause sedation, and is well distributed among the various marijuana varieties. Limonene is another terpenoid that gives certain strains the characteristic lemon odor. This chemical may act in combination with THC to cause an uplifting effect. And yes theres more. Some sativas of African and Hawaiin origin contain a slightly different chemical than THC, called THCV. This chemical often causes a more uplifting, but shorter duration, effect to THC.

    So to put this in perspective is difficult but possible. Without expensive analysis of the chemicals, I cannot give an absolute quantitiative recommendation. However, I would recommend looking for a predominantly sativa strain, although blueberry is an indica with good sativa like psychoactivity. The lemon scented strains may be of benefit as well: lemon kush, lemon skunk, island sweet skunk, etc, as from a statitiscal analysis I performed with dozens of patients identified a trend in an uplifting effect being associated with lemon scent.

    Aside from strains, my statistical analysis derived from products I've developed for patients, has identified a positive correlation between several medicinal effects (nausea, trauma derived pain, muscle spasms, and migraines) with minimal sedation, from cannabis based teas. Interestingly, the teas stiped with lecithin (water and fat loving food compound) give a smooth, long length of relief with a more uplifting effect, while teas made with non-dairy creamer (sky-high chai and cannacino) give a more narcotic high and even longer duration of pain relief.

    Below is list of chemicals that occur in pharmacologically relevant concnetrations in marijuana, and all contribute in one way or another to the narcotic, stimulating, and medicinal effects of the plant. I hope to have a method for bulk quantification of these compounds within the next 2 years. The technology will be available to all dispensaries to ensure safe treatments. So in closing, I may be able to answer your question in the future.

    Apigenin Anti-inflammatory, reduces melanoma, breast and pancreatic cancer growth , inhibit tumor growth , anti-viral

    Kaempferol Antioxidant, works with quercitin to inhibit growth of some cancer cells, inhibits atherosclerosis

    Limonene AChE inhibitor, blocks carcinogenesis of several smoke compounds, anti-depressantxi, lipolytic

    α-Pinene Anti-inflammatory , anti-anxiety , associated with pine-like scent in cannabis

    Citronellol Sedative, neuroprotectant and anticonvulsant , inhibit breast cancer cells , inhibit atherosclerosis

    Citral Antifungal , analgesic (TRPV1) , antidepressant , may kill cancer cells

    γ-Terpinene Anti-depressantxi, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, enhances lipolytic effect of limonene


    AChE inhibitor, analgesic , transdermal facilitator


    Slight affinity for CB1 receptor, anti-anxiety and antidepressant

    β-Pinene Gives pine smell, one of the most abundant terpenoids produced, anti-inflammatory, analgesic


    Sedative, may prolong THC breakdown , anti-anxiety, broad spectrum cancer fighter , anti-viraliii


    Sedative, anti-Alzheimer’s, vasorelaxation , cancer fighting properties , anti-inflammatory

    β-Caryophyllene Activated anti-inflammatory by α-pinene, analgesicxv, potentiates anti-cancer effects of other terpenes


    Greater PG inhibition than THC & CBG, AChE inhibitor, antioxidant , antimicrobial

    Quercitan Potent anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, works with apigenin to inhibit melanoma , anti-cancer properties

    β-Myrcene Most abundant terpenoid produced, analgesicxv, inhibits PGs, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer


    Elsohly, M. et al. 1981. Chemical constituents of marijuana. Journal of Natural products.

    Ujiki, Michael. 2006. Apigenin inhibits pancreatic cancer cell proliferation through G2/M cell cycle arrest. Molecular Cancer 5: 76.

    Fang, Jing, et al. 2007. Apigenin inhibits tumor angiogenesis through decreasing HIF-1α and VEGF expression. Carcinogenesis 28: 858-864.


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    For that, you'll literally have to go to the experts. There's different THC content in different strains, and only the REAL experts (that you probably won't find here) can help you. Look up some stores I've been seeing n the news where they sell different strains based on your problems, or check Marc Emery's (the Prince of Pot) site. He sells seeds via the internet to people who have licenses, and his site can probably lead you to what you're looking for.

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    I have twitches that keep me awake at night. I've found the best bud for my twitches is either grape ape or pineapple. They're both pretty potent though. I'd say talk to someone at the dispensary.

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    you would want to smoke an Indica. One that will couch lock you and loosen you up a little bit/calm you down.


    Hindu kush


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    Blueberry Kush,which is my favorite indica.

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    go to your local dispensary and ask them, they typically have very knowledgeable staff members that can answer all your questions about it.

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