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Hornets trade Chandler? Good trade?

The Hornets have traded Tyson Chandler for Chris Wilcox and Joe Smith.

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    terrible trade for hornets

    great move for thunder

    tyson is a rly good big man in the nba wit many secial features including lobs from cp3 and their best defensive player. wilcox and smith suck and r not getting the hornets to any better position.

    terrible move for hornets

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    the hornets made the trade for financial reasons...the hornets have continued to lose money over the last few years despite having an increasingly better team...they get 25 million over the next two years off the book by getting rid of chandler and get post presence with wilcox and smith...wilcox has shown glimpses a year or two ago while the team was in seattle but never lived up to his potential...wilcox can be a 12 and 8 guy given 25 min a game and smith around the same...talent wise ok city makes out...chandler is more of a presence, especially on defense but NO was not going to win with chandler so they decided to dump his as usual

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    Apparently the hornets are trying to free up some cap money, and since chris wilcox and joe smiths contracts expire after the year they'll have money to spend. But when Chandler gets healthy the thunder will have an intersting team.

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    It's a great trade for the both teams.

    The OKC will get Chandler to help Durant and to lead the way and they will be great in future because they have Westbrook and Green too.So yeah they're going to be a great team.

    While at the other end the Hornets will get those two player and the best of the two will play C and will be combo with Paul.The Hornets took the first draft pick from the OKC so they will try to get better players from the next draft and that's a great idea from the Hornets.

    This trade looks great to me

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    Tyson chandler's inner presence inside the paint, Also his defensive ability will be gone from the Hornets team.

    It doesnt matter if Paul cant alley-oop to chandler anymore.

    Cuz Chris Paul I one of the best Point Guards in the Legue he can work with anyone.

    Thunder gets a good Defensive big man.

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    Yes. The Thunder lack inside presence. They had been playing Collison at center who is not even fit for that position. Chandler will definitely help. Hornets just saved money.

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    Its a bad move. The Hornets lost their only post defender, and shot blocker. I think they'd get destroyed by the Lakers or Spurs in the playoffs. it seems they were just trying to save money, which is understandable, but in terms of basketball it was a bad move.

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    They made this trade because of financial reasons and got 2 expiring contracts in the process, so from a business standpoint this is a great trade.

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    It's because the hornets did it for the sake of saving money and not for making their team better.

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    it was a terrible trade for the hornets. they must have gotten a shiit load of $money$

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