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TJ asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

What's your top 10 Jackie Chan films?

It's been almost 40 years Jackie Chan has been making movies and doing extremely dangerous stunts with no stunt doubles or camera tricks. Hong Kong or Hollywood, Jackie always made it to the top.

So what's your top 10 Jackie Chan movies?

Here are mine.

Please comment on my list when you answer the question.

My top 10:

10. Shanghai Knights (2003)

Jackie Chan and Owen wilson cracked it up. Great film.

9. Rush Hour 2 (2001)

The second highest grossing Martial Arts film of all time

(behind Kung-fu Panda). Rush Hour 2 classic fight scenes and

truly outstanding comedy. Jackie and Chris are great at working


8. Rush Hour (1998)

Jackie and Chris's first fim together. It also grossed a lot of money.

7. The Forbidden Kingdom (2007)

Jackie Chan and Jet Li on screen together for the first time. This

movie was truly classic. When Jackie and Li fought against each

other, it looked like they were equally matched even though Jackie

was 53 at that time. Jackie Chan is better. The film was also very

adventorous and exciting.

6. Project A (1983)

I really like Jackies films when he doesn't care if he breaks every bone

in his body. His clock tower fall was simply amazing. And the movie

it self was a success. Especially with Jackie working with his two

brothers form the China Drama Academy, Samo Hung and Yuen Biao.

They made the movie more extra exciting.

5. Rumble in the Bronx (1994) favourite Hollywood Jackie Chan film is actually the one that

introduced Jackie Chan to Hollywood. The film includes hilarious

and excellent fight scenes. Nice way to begin Jackies era in

Hollywood I say.

4. Wheels on Meals (1984)

Another Jackie Chan classic starring the three brothers. And the

fight at the end scene between Jackie and Benny was just amazing.

It was one of the best performed on screen Martial Arts fight scenes

ever. One of the kicks actually put off some candles! That's how fast

Benny's kicks are! That's brilliant.

3. Police Story 2 (1988)

Jackie Chan's second film of the 3 successful Police Story's. The film

includes one of my favourite fight scenes (the playground panic) and

one of Jackie's most dangerous stunts, the one where he makes two

jumps from riding vehicles and finally crushes through a glass.

A great sequel to the class of the first Police Story.

2. Police Story (1985)

Jackie Chan sometimes goes over the top. Police Story is just one of

the many examples. The stunts are just very dangerous. The village

car chase (Jackie's favourite stunt ever) was amazingly done and the

three storey pole slide was really dangerous and looked just amazing.

The film altogether was a true classic.

1. Dragons Forever (1988)

Some of you might not know this film, but if you watch it, I'm sure will

be amazed by the fight scenes in it. It was Jackie's last film with his two

friends from school and this is the only film that the three friends fight

against each other. The film also includes one of Jackie Chan's best

fight scenes ever, the last fighting scene. And what a great way to

end it...with another Jackie Chan vs Benny Urquidez fight. This film

is definitely my favourite Jackie Chan film by far.

So what's your top 10 Jackie Chan films?

Do you prefer his Hong Kong films or Holly wood films?

What do you think of my list?

Please answer this question.

Please no rude answers.

Over to you.

Edit: I know I've asked this question before, but still hav'nt received enough answers.

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    1. Police Story

    This is perhaps Chan's best action film ever. The shopping mall fight sequence was amazing.

    2. Police Story 2

    The is almost as good as the first film. The action and intensity of Chan's performance were outstanding. Great action scenes.

    3. Crime Story

    Directed by Kirk Wong, this is Chan's most outstanding performance as an actor. His intense acting, as well as some extremely violent action scenes make this his most powerful and dramatic film.

    4. Drunken Master

    This was Chan's breakout film with some of the absolute most exciting martial arts ever filmed. Directed by Chan.

    5. The Young Master

    This is one of Chan's best martial arts films ever made. The 20 minute fight finale was impressive and outstanding... Great fights and stunts.

    6. Heart of Dragon (aka First Mission)

    This is probably Chan's most underrated film. Chan, along with Sammo Hung give perhaps their most dramatic performances as Chan plays a cop and Hung plays his retarded brother. Also has an excellent action sequence finale...

    7. Police Story 3: Supercop (aka Supercop)

    With Michelle Yeoh in tow, this is one of the best action films ever. Michelle Yeoh was awesome in this film. Great action and stunts from both Chan and Yeoh.

    8. Dragon's Forever

    With Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuan Biao, made this an exciting martial arts action film... As usual, great action, stunts, and fight scenes.

    9. Who Am I?

    Another great Chan action films, with a surprising amount of drama, and plenty of action and stunts. A great film.

    10. The Fearless Hyena

    This was Chan's first film he directed, and even though it is somewhat dated, it is nontheless a funny martial arts film. This film was the beginning of Jackie Chan's career as a director.

    My other favorite Chan films are:

    Project A 1 & 2

    Wheels on Meals

    My Lucky Stars

    Winners and Sinners

    Snake in the Eagle Shadow

    Mr. Nice Guy

    Dragon Lord


    Rumble in the Bronx

    Drunken Master 2 (aka Legend of Drunken Master)

    Black Dragon

    there are more, but this is just a brief list...

    Source(s): I am not a big fan of his american films, for the simple fact that they never let Chan do the films the Jackie Chan way. They are ok to watch but I prefer to watch his Hong Kong films...
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    5 years ago

    Jackie Chan Films List

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    Around the World in 80 Days (2004) Rush Hour (1998) Shanghai Noon (2000) Rush Hour 2 (2001) Rush Hour 3 (2007) Shanghai Knights (2003) The Forbidden Kingdom (2008) Kung Fu Panda (2008) The Karate Kid (2010) The Spy Next Door (2010)

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    10-Rumble in the Bronx

    09-The Twin Dragons

    08-Rush Hour 2

    07-Who am I?

    06-Police Story 2

    05-The Medallion

    04-Drunken Master

    03-Police Story

    02-Rush Hour

    01-Cannonball Run 2

    Source(s): i like your list!
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    1 decade ago

    how did you miss "who am i?" and the two "legend of drunken masters"?!

    1. legend of drunken master (remake)

    2. rumble in the bronx

    3. rush hour 2

    4. wheels on meals (thats the one with the sonny fight thats like 20 mins long? what?! that movie is the ****!!)

    5. who am i?

    and pretty much anything else hes got aside operation condor and the tuxedo (that movie sucked so bad!)

    jackie chan is by far the man. he's funny and such a badass.

    Source(s): lifelong jackie chan adoration
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    1 decade ago

    Good question. How did you miss "First Strike" & "Mr. Nice Guy"?

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