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Why some People in here doubt the legacy of The Godly Bruce Lee by saying he never had real fights?

i have seen many guys IN here ,saying that Bruce was not real ,that BRUCE would get murdered by Anderson Silva (what a joke lol) or by Ali (bigger joke lmao)

they claim these ridiculous statements, based on the fact that Bruce was never a pro fighter!


SO HOW THE HECK WOULD HE PARTICIPATE IN WORLD COMPETITIONS?(would Ali, became who he became, if slavery still went on in his time??THINK ABOUT IT)

also Bruce became HONk-KONG champion in 1958 ,in the only competition that he could participate, SO HE HAD REAL FIGHTS!

as for the dudes who claim Silva would kill Bruce, or Ali ,

look these videos of them losing by some DUDES, NOT EVEN NEAR OF THE CLASS OF BRUCE :)

Ali video vs Inoki lol


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    Lee would kill any ufc fighter whether its on the ground or any were for that matter. Lee's still the King.

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    1) The fact of the matter is that he was not a pro fighter. Just because he had circumstances preventing him from becoming a pro fighter doesn't mean we should give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was the best. And China never stopped him competing professionally.

    2) The 1958 competion you refer to was an amateur boxing competion. And Hong Kong isn't exactly known for boxing, atleast not back then.

    3) You might want to do your research on the Ali vs Inoki fight:

    "The worked theory also arises from Inoki's June 26, 1976 match in Tokyo with Muhammad Ali. Inoki initially promised Ali a worked match to get him to fight in Japan, but when the deal materialized Ali's camp feared that Inoki would turn the fight into a shoot, which many believe was Inoki's intention. Ali visited a professional wrestling match involving Inoki and witnessed Inoki's grappling ability. This led Ali's camp to restrict the fight to striking rules only, with grappling disallowed. The rules of the match were announced several months in advance. Two days before the match, however, several new rules were added which severely limited the moves that each man could perform. A rule change that had a major outcome on this match was that Inoki could only throw a kick if one of his knees was on the ground. In the match, Ali landed a total of six punches to Inoki and Inoki kept to his back in a defensive position almost the full duration of the match of 15 rounds, hitting Ali with a low kick repeatedly. The bout ended in a draw, 3-3. Ali left without a press conference and suffered damage to his legs as a result of Inoki's repeated leg kicks.

    Early era UFC fighter Mark Shultz recently came forward to admit Inoki tricked him into fighting a fixed fight for Inoki's Junglefight promotion in 2003"

    4) Your judging Silva by one mistake that happened years ago? Bruce Lee lost too.

    "An underscore of his philosophy occurred when he was challenged to by a professional wrestler in a friendly exhibition. The wrestler muscled the much smaller Lee to the ground, pinning his arms to his side. With a smirk he asked Lee, "What would you do to get out of this?" Lee replied, "Why I would bite you of course."

    Btw, biting does surpirsing little in a real fight.

    5) Dudes not even near the class of Bruce Lee? You don't even know how skilled he is. He never fought professionally after all. That person who beat Anderson Silva is waaaaay more skilled than anyone Bruce Lee has ever faced. That is not opinion. It's the truth.

    6) You talk of how great Bruce Lee is and how he is the father of modern martial arts. Very few would consider him the father of anything except Brandon and Shannon Lee. What exactly are you basing his 'greatness' on?

    You ask for respect for Bruce Lee and give little to Ali who by all accounts has an amazing pro record and was respected by Bruce Lee as well. In fact, Bruce Lee claimed Ali would beat him in a fight.

    I just want ask you a question. I would like it if you answered truthfully:

    Do you study martial arts? If so, for how long?

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    Its because people think he was all for show because he did movies. Bruce Lee was a great fighter. I will admit that the game has evolved and in a stand up battle I think he has the edge. However, on the ground he is very limited due to his time and BJJ not really big then. With MMA rules Anderson Silva could win. In Boxing Ali could win. However, in a real fight Bruce Lee is could win. He would go in to kill quick and with as fast as he is he could def do it. So I agree but also disagree with you.

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    "Ali would destroy me"

    -Bruce Lee when asked what would happen in a fight between the 2 of them

    as for the real fights you say he had, who were they against, what were the outcomes? there is no evidence he had any, the only fight we have reports of actually occuring no one agrees who won, bruce and his family claim he won, pretty much everyone else says he lost. and there is also the time where he was choked silly by gene lebell

    most of his feats you see on wikipedia and other such places are either not possible(violation of the laws of physics), not impressive(I can do several of them so can most people once i've showed them the trick to it), or misunderstood and not impressive once you understand what they actually are and how they work

    also hong kong was not under chinese control until long after lees death, their government did not affect what he could or could not do, especially since he spent most of his time in the US, and was never a citizen of china.

    that competition he won in hongkong was a can-can competition, dancing not fighting, he never won a fighting competition that i've been able to find proof of.

    he was far from being the father of anything, MMA was already well underway in brazil by the time he was born and in japan by the time he died, and the tao of jeet kune do was never meant to be published, and little to none of it is written by bruce lee, read musashi's book of five rings and sun tzu's art of war and you you will see most of the tao of jeet kune do is taken out of those or several other books word for word, they were lees personal notes as he was reading the books.

    Ali and silva have proven they can be successful dozens of times against opponents who are very good at not allowing people to do what ali and silva did to them

    your assessment of an obviously mortal(as he is after all dead) persson as godly speaks volumes about your view on this matter and your unwillingness to accept that your hero may have been human. I suggest you and all the other die hard bruce lee fans read the following book availible for free online at the following site:

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    look man, i admire bruce lee too. i was amazed such a small human being could project so much force. (ie: his sidekicks, wing chun's one inch punch.) pound for pound, Lee was one of the best martial artists. but you gotta accept some facts

    -bruce was 130 lbs, not even in Silva's or Ali's weight class, so how can they compete professionally?

    -Hong Kong used to be a British colony, not under communist control until 1997. so you misunderstood some stuff.

    -Bruce was scared of a guy named william chueng (gang, casino, street fighter) when he went back to Hong Kong the second time, he asked his former trainer Wong Shun Leung, "Do you think i have a chance against Ah hing yet?" Wong said, "Nope."

    -bruce lee's reputation is undeniably bolstered by ignorance, hollywood movies and the all powerful media.

    -he never competed in mma or ufc tournaments b/c there weren't things like that back then. so he was untested

    nevertheless, it was a shame Bruce died so young. b/c if he had lived longer? he would definitely study ju jitsu, definitely trained in striking, ground and grappling arts b/c the guy devoted his life to martial arts. he would dominate his weight class.

    but in my humble opinion, if Bruce faced Ali or Silva in a tournament with rules? Lee may have had some problems. I doubt Silva could "kill" Bruce in the ring though. there are rules, there are refs ready to stop the fight very quickly if it were to become "lethal." but if Bruce faced them on the street? that little guy would have no problem taking them out as he primarily trained for self defense. (lightning fast sidekicks to the knee caps, snap to the groin, punch to the face etc)

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    1 decade ago

    There were plenty of opportunities for Bruce Lee to compete after he moved to the US. He could have done boxing, kickboxing, or full contact karate competitions, but he didn't. There were even mixed martial arts competitions in Japan and Brazil in the 1960s and 70s where he could have competed if he really wanted to. He chose not to. He could make a lot more money as a movie star, so I don't blame him. He was a great martial artist, but since he never tested his JKD in the ring, you can't say he was a great fighter.

  • Kokoro
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    -bruce lee is the father of sh**

    -he found nothing, he lost a number of fights that people like you just ignore, because you dont what to hear the truth.

    - when he was in the us he could have competed but didnt

    -he didnt develop the 3 inch punch

    -he Never develop any martial art style, he developed a philosophy there is a difference

    -he is NOT the father of mma, mixing martial arts was been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, but this is beyond your limited understanding of martial arts.

    and why is it stupid people like you don't know that Ali Studied Martial Arts, are you that arrogant that you think just because he was a boxer he didn't know martial arts. is it beyond your capability of understanding.

    and the match between Ali and Inoki both men were limited by rules some of which were thrown in the last minute. Inoki was not the winner of that match.

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    Bruce Lee wasn't all he was cooked up to be, it's mostly hype.

    But some answers here puzzle me. Skinny is skinny, what does it matter if he's Asian, unless you still hold that preconceived notion about an ethnicity's stature in your mind.

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    1 decade ago

    bruce lee said he would not what to fight ali because he was to scared of ali.

    lee was a coward and a fraud.

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    Bruce Lee was a little 130 lb. Asian who knew a little Wing Chun. He looked good on T.V. and people like his philosophies on how martial arts are about "expressing yourself". And his early death only made people further over-exaggerate his mediocre martial arts abilities.

    Source(s): Training in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (Ninjutsu) and other martial arts.
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