Can an employer fire an employee because of his hair cut even if there is no rule requiring a certain cut?

I work for our city skate park and my co worker (who has worked there as asst manager since it opened 5 years ago) is suddenly being told by the recreation dept heads that he may have to cut his dread locks in order to keep his job. I also hear that they suddenly have an issue with tattoos too?!?

Is it somehow justified that the city can wait 5 years to require this of an employee? There are no safety issues motivating this. There was nothing in the job description that outlined that tattoos or dread locks were not allowed. Nor is there an employee handbook that states it. i have asked for it and still not received one (i don't even know if it exists). Our direct boss thinks its ridiculous.

Doesn't this seem a little as if the city could approach a black employee and require him to wear his hair short or in corn rows so that his hair looks professional? Can they impose this on employees without any previous rule or warning that it was required?


Keep in mind that its a skate park. Were not wearing button up shirts to work. Lets keep focused on the question. Not the moral requirement to have a nice haircut.

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    It's their right to change policies based on their needs. I used to work as a hospital and it happened all the time ( adding rules, changing them ) So unfortunately yes it is possible.

    They should have warned you guys though ( that I believe is required ). If they haven't warned you confront your supervisor and keep going above heads if you're not getting the answers you need.

  • JC
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    1 decade ago

    Im wondering why they would need their employees to look professional at a skate park. I mean, have they ever even been to one??

    Since your co worker has been there for 5 years and there has never been any such regulation regarding hair or tattoos, then Im guessing someone higher up is just trying to justify their job and throw their weight around. If they insist, then your friend needs to demand documentation that states hair regulation in that job position and he will not cut his hair until he sees it. I doubt he will ever see it. Same goes for the tattoos. A tattoo cannot be removed or changed like hair can so again, they are just trying to see what they can get away with.

    I would also suggest that he contact your states Labor Board regarding employee rights. They may have additional information that would prove helpful to your friend.

    Good luck.

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    The equality law pertains to gender, race, faith, sexuality, age, incapacity and extra yet would not hide hair, except it replaced into for religious motives Eg a Sikh guy could have long hair tied up decrease than a turban, which off purpose is neat and tidy Is your hair tied at the back of your head, is it a wellness possibility ? Does your activity contain you working with the widespread public or are you at the back of the curtain helping the desktops/networks to be undemanding i won't be in a position to work out why long hair is a undertaking in any respect, yet even with the shown fact that i'm no longer your boss

  • R.N.
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    No they can not. If it is not in writing how they are to wear their hair, or about tattoos, then he can take them to court. And without it in writing, he might just Win this case. And no, they can not impose on employees like this without any previous rule or warning. If he takes them to court, he might just win. And well just see what the city has to say then.

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  • 1 decade ago

    So long as there is a documented rule that a certain "professional" or otherwise "acceptable" appearance is required at work, the employer is fully within his/her rights.

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    sounds to me like they are just making excuses to fire people because they are going out of business or something of the sort

    I could understand if it was a restaurant, or a sales job... but at a skate park there is nothing wrong with dreds

  • TG
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    1 decade ago

    If they change their policy they must notify their employees and give them an opportunity to adhear within reason...but the employee must follow their policy and they have the right to fire them if they don't.

    It sounds like they are doing just that. They are not doing anything illegal.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well if it's really not in any rule, or were told before and don't have proof it was around before, than you got a good fight;

    tattoos;; ehh thats everywhere, don't know about them, but hair;; call a lawyer, or somone who knows more than the both of us. you hope.

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    Tell your co-worker to refuse that demand. If they insist, tell him to alert the media and the problem will soon take care of itself.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yep. Haircuts are not part of any protected class. Shame that an employer might want its employees to look halfway professional, isn't it?

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