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your thoughts on stimulus bill?


how many of you believe that this stimulus bill is going to boost economy down the road....

am tired of hearing responses from people saying its not gonna people with negative response,back out...

am looking only for positive response here and please reason out your predictions..

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    I thought you wanted to know what the bill will bring us.

    The Stimulus bill is designed to buy the banks and nationalize banking. They are nationalizing big business. These are the first steps to our Socialist Country.

    Soon the Government will control all business.They will control Medical services. They will control the economy. They will control the people.

    The Stimulus is designed to steal our rights. Our Free speech, our right to assemble, (bill H.R.1955 in the 110th)

    It will be illegal to speak against the government.

    They had a secret meeting in Canada. They will use Canadian troops to quell uprisings in the states. Why do you think they need this? They know we will not like socialism.

    Soon our whole country will be nationalized. Government owned. This is Socialism.

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    The stimulus bill won't do much to stimulate anything but the ire that the American people are building towards the Obama administration. This bill is a huge exercise in futility, and will be a large step in a sequential series of miscues, that will lead to Obama resigning from office prior to the end of his first term.

    Contrary to what others may say or think in this forum, there are too many strong Americans, too many smart Americans, to think that as a nation, we would ever capitulate to socialism. While the weak links may have outnumbered the strong this past November and allowed for such a catastrophic choice of a "leader", this befuddled administration will be the cause of its' own undoing.

    I predict that this "stimulus bill" will serve only to underscore the incompetency of the Democrats in the legislative and executive branches. Even the most deluded of the sheeple will have no choice but to wake up and see that the Conservatives were correct all along. Once this acknowledgment takes place, the pendulum will SHARPLY advance towards the right, as it should be, and the correct policies and principles will be put in place to serve AMERICA'S interests.

    We will NEVER be a Socialist nation. In fact, we will become more ISOLATIONIST and PROTECTIONIST as we finally alleviate the burden of illegal immigration and restore America to the AMERICAN majority. The capitalist principles inherent in Social Darwinism will be restored, after which it will be "a place for everyone, and everyone in their place."

    The intellectual elites will continue to head the corporations, but the return of CONSERVATIVES to the helm will usher in an age of MORAL ACCOUNTABILITY, so that decency and decorum are the rule rather than the exception.

    I predict this because of my belief that the cream ALWAYS rises to the top. Despite the outcome of this past election that indicated the contrary, the fiber of this nation can be bent but SO FAR, until it comes snapping back!

    Source(s): I guarantee you that it was the fiber of this nation who OPPOSED Obama. We will ultimately prevail, as will America.
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