Can anyone give me advice on how to orgainize a group on stopping the closure of our place of work in Michigan?

I work for the State of Michigan at the Mt Pleasant Center. We were just told last week that they will be closing before October. We do have a union. There is going to be 408 employees out of work and not to mention our residents are going to be shipped some where else. Many of us are furious and want to make our voice heard and stop this from happening. The community is backing us 100%. Any suggestions will be appreciated...thank you soo much

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    I can't answer your question specifically, but I think I can point you in the right direction. Mr. James Haveman used to head the states's department of Public Health. I knew him years ago when he first got his start as the Director of Profect Rehab in Grand Rapids. He was recently a part of the President's (Bush) team in Iraq working to imporove the health delivery system. Now I know that Jim is the Chairman of Ferris State University's Board of Trustees. You could probably contact him thru Ferris' website. He would at least have a sympaththetic heart & could provide you with some direction. He has a good deal of political power in the state. If you do contact him, mention that you were referred by someone from the KCSACA in the late 1970's (Alec)

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    Renegotiate your contract so that you don't price yourselves out of the government's budget. Cutting taxes = cutting government jobs unless you agree to a pay cut.

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    by picketing. call media houses and do a demonstration

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