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tips tips tips tips tips tips?

help i need tips on getting a girl to like me, i have tried almost everything , maybe she is just not for me, although she did admit she did like me once....

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    if she is not responding the way you want, especially after many attempts, then that is probably a sign that you should move on. if someone does not like you then it is kinda difficult to "make" them like you. if you think you have a few more moves left then feel free to try them out, but like i said, if she hasn't responded the way you want then it is probably time to move on. sorry and good luck in the future

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    Tips? We'll why not smile at her and say hi.. start with the basics.

    Don't act like a jerk and be Macho, girls hate that. Just be yourself, If she doesn't like you then move on. Plenty of fish in the sea.

    Hope this helps,


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    just sit down with her nad be like hey lets hang out

    take her to like go bowling or something invite other people so that it wont be awkard for either of you and then when you guys hang out like cassually pop the question and be like so how do you feel about me


    something like that

    - good luck

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    Fatal trap error

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    Be yourself and be confident. Talk to her, but move quick because if you don't you'll be stuck in the "friend zone"

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    Flirt. Make her laugh, do her favors and don't send mixed signals. Let her know how you feel.

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    Just hang out with another girls, either she will try to back to you, or you will forget her anyway. two birds with one stone

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    she's not for you, get over it, there are no TIPS

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    be funny and flirty and ask her about herself, dont just talk about you all the time!

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    move on

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