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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesVisual ArtsPhotography · 1 decade ago

How do I do this affect on a photo?

I meant to say effect


look at this photo

here is the original

I want to know how to do that purple affect

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I just replicated this exact pic... you'll need photoshop :)

    1. First layer is the original pic. 100% opacity, no color change.

    2. Second layer is the original pic as well, but with the Twirl effect.

    -Filter - Distort - Twirl

    3. Third layer, like the first answer says is a fill with the opacity lowered.

    -Fill third layer with purple paint bucket - double click that layer in the layer history box - change opacity till it looks right to you or gives you the color you want.

    If you just want the purple tint without the swirl effect, just eliminate step 2.

    Good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    Looks like Photoshop.

    1-Take photo and add a new layer (Press F7 and click the new layer button) and add the photo again.

    I did a practice one while writing this by right clicking the photo in the web page and copy the image. then in Photoshop make a new photo, (the dimentions will automatically be the size of the copied image), then paste the image into the empty new photoshop canvas. Then hit the F7 for the Layer Menu and create a new layer then Paste the image into that layer too.

    2-Edit the new layer (two) so it has only purple colors, but altering the hue and saturation or color balance, or color replace.

    3-Menu click Image/liquify, (Shift+Ctrl+X), layer two and select the largest brushsize, smooth reconstruction mode, and the second tool which is 'spiral to the left'.

    4- Click and hold the mouse in the center of the image to twist the image into spiral twists, undo and redo it till satisfied.

    5-select finish to return to the two layers in photoshop,

    6- in the Layers controll, slide the Opacity to 50% to partially reveal the original picture through the twisted purple layer.

    Tweak all adjustments till satisfied.

    You may have to twist a smaller photo then enlarge it if the twist tool dosn't fit over the entire photo. The version of Photoshop and the amount of RAM available determines how much you can do.

    There must be a dozen ways to do this; this is just one, with Photoshop 6.

    Have fun.

  • 1 decade ago

    photoshop. its probably a fill with the opacity lowered.

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