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Please answer these questions if you're 50+. I have to interview someone about changes in technology. Plz help?

I really really really need help to get this project finished my plan to interview my grandma fell through and I have to turn this in tomorrow! Please help. thx If you answer this then I'll answer as many of your questions as I can and the first person to answer will also receive best answer in addition. Thank you so much everyone! This means a lot to me!

1. Television/ Home Entertainment:

A. How many television sets did your family own when you were in the eighth grade?

B. How many channels did your television set receive?

C. How much television on average did you or your family watch per week?

D. Do you remember when you or your family first owned a color television?

E. What did you notice most about the change from black and white to color?

F. Recall the first time you saw/used/owned a VDR player. (a DVD player?)

G. How did you watch movies before VCR rentals?

H. How did you generally listen to music?

I. Would you recall for me the first time you saw/used/owned a CD player? (an mp3 or iPod?)

J. Would you tell me about transistor radios and/or other portable music players?

K. Do you recall when televisions and radios used tubes? Can you explain these?

L. Do you recall reel to reel tape recorders? Did you use one? How did they work?

M. Would you describe the way movies were shown in school?

2. Computers

A. When you were in junior high, high school, or college how did you prepare final papers? (hand written, typed, etc.)

B. Do you recall computer punch-cards? What was their purpose?

C. Would you describe the first computers you saw/used/owned?

D. Please describe your first impressions of the internet.

E. How have computers changed the way you communicate with friends and relatives who live outside of the area?

F. Would you describe the first computer games you remember seeing. What did you think of them?

G. Do you recall your first calculator? How big was it? What functions did it perform?

H. Did you ever use a slide rule in school or at work? How did they work?

I. What are your feelings about today’s computers?

3. Medicine

A. Do you remember the first human heart transplant? Would you tell me what you remember about it?

B. Do you remember the first human test-tube baby? Would you tell me what you remember about it?

C. What childhood diseases did kids have when you were young, that most people my age are protected from?

D. What was polio and do you remember the first vaccines to prevent it?

4. Conveniences

A. When you were younger how did you dry and/or curl your hair? (If this is papa answering then what do you remember about your mother or sister’s hair routines?)

B. Would you recall for me the first time you saw/used/owned a microwave oven? What were your thoughts?

C. Would you discuss cooking and baking before the mixes and prepackaged foods we have today. (early cake mixes?)

D. When you were my age how did you make popcorn?

E. How many phones were in your home when you were my age? How were they dialed?

F. What was a party-line?

G. Would you describe making calls across the country or over seas when you were my age

H. Would you recall for me the first mobile phones? (car phones?)

I. How have cell phones changed communication?

J. Do you remember the first time you used an ATM?

K. How is banking different since ATMs have become common?

L. Discuss life before debit cards.

M. Before computerized cash registers, do you remember how clerks in the grocery store checked items out or processed credit cards?

N. Before Kinko’s and Xerox machines in most offices how did most people make multiple copies of documents?

O. Before pampers and other disposable diapers how did parents and babysitters keep babies clean and comfortable?

5. Other

A. When you were younger did you take pictures in black and white or color?

B. How long did it take to have your pictures developed?

C. Would you recall the first time you saw/used/owned and digital camera?

D. Do you remember man landing on the moon? What were you thinking and or feeling

E. Do you remember the first space shuttle landing? What were you thinking and or feeling?

F. Before shuttles how did astronauts return to earth?

G. Discuss you thoughts about cloning

H. Discuss your thoughts about genetically altered food crops or meat animals

I. Are there other things that used to seem like science fiction but are now common technologies? What?

J. What do you feel has been the most important technological advancement in your lifetime? Explain.

K. In what ways do you believe technology has changed our culture? Explain.

L. Is there anything else you would like to add?

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    1 A - 1

    B - three main networks, NBC, ABC, CBS, plus there were some UHF channels - I forget how many, maybe 4 or 5?

    C - 21 hours approx

    D - not sure, but in the 1970s.

    E - Watching in color was so neat, because everything was like real life!

    F - first dvd player - hmm, can't remember, but it would have been sometime in the 1990s I think.

    G - in the theater

    H - transistor radio or record player

    I - we got our first cd player around 1985 or so. Still do not own an ipod.

    J - transistor radios were neat but the reception varied all over the place from great to terrible.

    K - yes. Explain how they worked, nope. But, I remember the tv guy coming to our house to repair the tv and replacing tubes.

    L - yes, yes, and they had a tape you had to thread to the take up spool.

    M - movie projectors, with film on a big reel, which you threaded to the take up reel.

    2 A - typewriter

    B - yes, I used them to input computer programs and data to computers I used in college and later at work.

    C - the first computers I used were large mainframes, that took up a lot of space in a room.

    D - first impression? A great way to communicate with people in far places.

    E - makes it much easier to communicate with people living far away.

    F - pong. Very simple game, ball going back and forth and you had to move the bars to stop it.

    G - yes, my first calculator did just the basic4 functions, add, subtract, multiply, divide, it was about the size of the graphing calculators today.

    H - yes, used slide rules all the time. Don't remember how to use one anymore.

    I - Very fast, very convenient.

    3 A - yes. It was a massive machine that the guy was hooked up to all the time.

    B - yes. It was very controversial.

    C. measles, mumps, chicken pox

    D - I got a polio vaccination - did not know more about it except it made people crippled.

    4 A - curlers - plastic, hard curlers that hurt.

    B - first used a microwave in the early 1980s, and I thought they were amazing!

    C - We made a lot from scratch, but we had cake mixes when I was young. Just like today, add eggs and water.

    D - popcorn popper, add oil, put in kernels, wait for it to pop.

    E - one phone, we dialed it ourself.

    F - a party line was one shared by more than one house.

    G - Never made international calls. Long distance needed an operator to connect you.

    H - Never had a car phone, but I saw them.

    I - Cell phone make it easy to make a call from anywhere.

    J - Yes.

    K - you no longer have to go into the bank and interact with a live person

    L - I don't use a debit card.

    M - Yes, I was a cashier for a while. We had to enter the price of each item, and we had to calculate the tax in our head based on numbers that came up in the display.

    N - Carbon paper.

    O - cloth diapers I guess.

    5 A - black and white but then later color.

    B - don't remember

    C - Bought a digital camera about 4 years ago. Saw one before then, but don't remember when.

    D - Yes, I stayed up to watch it on the black and white tv. It was amazing! I could not believe it was really happening.

    E - Yes, it was very exciting.

    F - in space capsules

    G - I think it is morally questionable.

    H - it needs more research to make sure it is safe.

    I - lots of things - most every technology that we have today was scifi in my youth!

    J - the computer. It is in every aspect of our lives.

    K - It has made our lives more fast paced. Information explosion, fast communications, news 24/7.

    L - no - good luck!

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