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In 2005, The Discovery Channel made an awful list of the 100 greatest Americans.I made my own list below.?

You can see the Discovery channel at Here is my own list. What do you think of it?

Allen, Steve

Dr. Alvarez, Luis

Anthony, Susan B.

Armstrong, Lance

Armstrong, Louis

Armstrong, Neil

Barrow, Joe L. (Joe Louis)

Berlinger, Milton (Milton Berle)

Berry, Chuck

Brando, Marlon

Brooks, Troyal G. (Garth Brooks)

Camp, Walter

Cartwright, Alexander J.

Clemens, Samuel (Mark Twain)

Dr. Cope, Edward D.

Cummings, Edward E.

Deutshendorf, Henry J. (John Denver)

Disney, Walt

Douglass, Frederick

Edison, Thomas

Edwards, Jonathan

Farnsworth, Philo

Faulkner, William

Foster, Stephen

Franklin, Benjamin

Franklin, James

Friedman, Milton

Gates, Bill

Dr. Gell-Mann, Murray

Glenn, John

Dr. Goddard, Robert

Graham, Billy

Grant, Hiram U. (Ulyesses S. Grant)

Hancock, John

Hefner, Hugh

Hemmingway, Ernest

Henson, Jim

Dr. Hubble, Edwin

Hughes, Howard

Hughes, James L. (Langston Hughes)

Jefferson, Thomas

Jenkins, Charles F.

Jeremy Glick and Todd Beamer

Kennedy, John

Dr. King, Martin L.

Dr. Kinsey, Alfred

Kubelsky, Benjamin (Jack Benny)

Lee, Robert E.

Lincoln, Abraham

Lindbergh, Charles

Luta, Mahpiua (Red Cloud)

Madison, James

Marshall, George

Marshall, John

Mason, George

Maury, Matthew F.

McDonald, Dick and Maurice

Monroe, James

Dr. Morgan, Thomas H.

Murphy, Audie

Nelson, Prince R. (Prince)

Nicholas, Jack

Dr. Oppenheimer, Julius R.

Outcault, Richard F.

Owens, James (Jesse Owens)

Dr. Pauling, Linus

Peirce, Charles S.

Pershing, Jack (Black Jack)

Poe, Edgar A.

Presley, Elvis

Reagan, Ronald

Robinson, Jackie

Robinson, Ray C. (Ray Charles)

Rockwell, Norman

Roosevelt, Franklin D.

Ruth, George H. (Babe Ruth)

Salinger, Jerome D.

Dr. Salk, Jonas

Seinfeld, Jerry

Schultz, Charles

Sinatra, Frank

Sogwali (Sequoyah)

Sousa, John P.

Speilburg, Steven

Dr. Spock, Benjamin

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

Thoreau, Henry D.

Tisquantum (Squanto)

Tubman, Harriet

Walker, Kurtis (Kurtis Blow)

Washington, George

Dr. Watson, James D.

Dr. Watson, John B.

West, Mary (Mae West)

Whitman, Walt

Williams, Hank

Williams, John

Wright, Frank L.

Wright, Orville and Wilbur

Yeager, Chuck

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  • 1 decade ago
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    what was the criteria? you have jack nicholas or the same list as george washington?? and bill gates but no warren buffett?

    ps i cant see the discovery list because your link is gone

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