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Mock Draft pre-combine:?

1.Detroit Lions-Matt Stafford QB- They need a franchise QB and can get a OT later in the 1st like Britton.

2.Rams-Eugene Monroe OT- Best OT in the draft in my mind. Will impress at the combine. They get Paces replacement finally.

3.Chiefs-Andre Smith OT-They need a guy opposite of Albert at OT and this pick will be worth the money.

4.Seahawks-Mark Sanchez QB- They need a new QB and Wallace isn't the answer. He will be groomed for a season behind Hasselback.

5.Browns-Malcolm Jenkins CB- They need a shut down CB and Jenkins is that physical Woodson type.

6.Bengals-Michael Oher OT-Stacy Andrews let them down and he is gone so they need someone to protect Palmer.

7.Raiders-Michael Crabtree WR-best WR in the draft and Al loves the skill position players.

8.Jaguars-Jason Smith OT- They need a young guy for their aging line although Raji will get a look here.

9.Packers-BJ Raji DT- They need a NT for their newly formed 3-4 D.

10.Niners-Everette Brown OLB-Will have a solid combine and be a top pick for a team needing a OLB presence.

11.Bills-Jeremy Maclin WR-They need a guy to stretch the field opposite Evans and Maclin is that guy

12.Broncos-Aaron Curry LB-They need a pass rush but they also need a ILB with DJ Williams and Curry fits the bill as the best LB available.

13.Redskins-Brian Orakpo DE-They badly need a pass rush and Orakpo is the best guy available

14.Saints-Vontae Davis CB-Provides athleticism and physicality to their CB position to compliment the young Tracy Porter. DJ Moore might get a look here.

15.Texans-Peria Jerry DT-They need a guy to compliment Williams and Okoye and the safety class is weak so Jerry is the best available.

16.Chargers-Rey Maualuga-They need a ILB presence next to Cooper and Maualuga presents that and adds leadership.

17.New York Jets-DJ Moore CB- They need a CB next to Revis and Moore is the best CB left on the board

18.Chicago Bears-Aaron Maybin-They need a pass rush and Maybin is the best prospect available to make their D better again

19.Buccaneers-Chris Wells RB- They are going to be a pound the ball mentality type of team and Wells brings that.

20.Lions-Eben Britton OT-They need someone opposite Cherilus and to help protect Stafford in a similar move to what the Falcons did last year.

21.Eagles-Knowshon Moreno RB-They will pass on Pettigrew as Celek has shown promise and get Westbrooks successor.

22.Vikings-Hakeem Nicks-They need a solid route runner to compliment Berrians game breaking speed

23.Patriots-Brian Cushing LB- They get a versatile guy who Belicheck likes who can play OLB or ILB and take over for Bruschi or Vrabel in the future.

24.Falcons-Brandon Pettigrew TE-Ryan needs a TE to throw to and Pettogrew gives them that and solid blocking for Turner

25.Dolphins-Tyson Jackson DE-They need a DE presence on their 3-4 D line..

26.Baltimore Ravens-Alphonso Smith CB-The Ravens are impressed with his skill set at the senior bowl and he will do well at the combine

27.Colts-Darrius Heyward-Bey-They need a guy to replace Harrison and no DTs worth this pick are left.

28.Eagles-William Beatty OT-They need a young OT on their aging O line with Thomas and Runyan not expected to be back

29.Giants-James Lauranaitis LB-They need a guy to strengthen their weak LB corp.

30.Titans-Alex Mack C-They need Mawaes replacement.

31.Cardinals-LeSean McCoy-Edge is expected to get cut and is old anyways and they need someone to compliment bruiser Hightower

32.Steelers-Duke Robinson OG-Brings a big presence to the O line and the way they pound the football.


Hmm ramswo the Seahawks might not get Bradford and Tebow is not a franchise QB let alone a first rounder. WR is not their biggest need its CB and safety and possibly LT. I know way more about prospects then you so I know where Lauranaitis will be and that is not #11.

Update 2:

How do you know Lauranaitis is a top 20 pick? Cause Kiper said so? I know all about the draft prospects so not sure why you trying to sound smart. Who said Crabtree will be a Seahawk? Did they pick him? I gave them a logical choice. Sorry I didn't copy Kiper. Maybe you should stop going to espn and thinking you can one up me.

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    All I care about is the Chargers are most likely gonna get Rey Maualuga. The guy's a beast and will definately be an asset to the Chargers defense.


    Frankly, I don't see how Marc Sanchez will be drafted fourth. Even though the Seahawks need a QB, it shouldn't be their #1 priority. Sanchez will probably go in the 2nd or 3rd round.

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    1. Crabtree is going to the doubt drafting Sanchez would be dumb.

    2. Lauranaitis won't slip that far he's a top 20 for sure.

    3. Curry is a top 5 pick not 12th.

    4. Why is Wells ahead of Moreno? Moreno is better.

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    I think the Lions should take Bradford, but judging by the past 1st round picks by them they will completely screw up their 1st pick.

    I really like how you have Crabtree going to the Raiders. I think he can do wonders for that team. (unfortunately)

    Depending on how the RB situation plays out in SD they will pick a RB or Rey Maualuga

    The Steelers really do need an offensive lineman. At least at the beginning of the season it really showed how exposed Roethlisburger is.

    I agree with about everyone else you have on there.

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    If Aaron Curry dropped that far the Broncos would be lucky. The Browns might draft him.

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    y the hell wouldn't the seahawks draft michael crabtree that's their biggest need, they can wait to get tebow or bradford at QB next year, lauranitis won't drop that far most likely will go to the bills in other words most of ur predictions r wrongt

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