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Do you buy clothes from Wal-mart?

Do you buy clothes from Wal-Mart?

I mean.. not like every single piece in your closet is from Wal-Mart, I just mean have you ever bought any clothes from there?

I have.. because i found some cute bikinis, pants, and i shirt there for a low price.

I mean look at what I bought!

These cuute jeans,

This cute tank,

and look at this swimsuit i found!




have you ever bought clothes at Wal-mart?

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    Wow I can't believe how many stuck up people are in this world.People are acting like they are better than everyone else all like "I'm too good to go to Walmart because it's not brand name" that is ridiculous

    Sweetie there is absolutely nothing wrong with Walmart and that outfit you found there is uber cute!

    Walmart quality is perfectly fine.I have electronics AND clothes AND other misc. things from Walmart that have LASTED ME YEARS WITHOUT DAMAGE!!

    So the rest of the world please stop acting like you are better than everyone else just because your clothes are designer

    That is so superficial and over rated

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Yes. I like Wal Mart clothes. I bought a striped shirt for like 3 dollars and i love it.

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  • morkve
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    3 years ago

    Walmart Wardrobe Closet

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes I do and have for most of my adult life. I prefer the under stated appeal of my Wal-Mart wardrobe. The fact that I never feel broke shopping there is another plus.

    fyi I am disabled as well- if that has any relevance

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  • 1 decade ago

    well yesterday i was on a normal name stores at the mall.. and today i was on walmart... i will tell you there are clothes the looks very good in 4 -10 dollar more like top things, and i bought like 10 things, which i very happy because there is no difference within the name store and the walmart...

    of course there are very ugly things there but if you look good you will find very nice things and save a lot of many to other things ^^

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hellz yeah. I used to work a wal-mart but that's not my reason. Wal-mart has come a long way in fashion. They may not have aero, or banana rep. but there selection has drastically took a upgrade. Yeah it wouldn't be a great idea to buy all your clothes there but things to complete an outfit. so go for it. good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    Their clothes just aren't made that well... I did ONCE, i bought a cute "school girl" pink plaid skirt and the zipper came undone in about a month, and I wore it about 5 times. /phail. if you want cute and cheap go to target and kohls. kohls ALWAYS has sales and they have good quality clothes. I'm not saying it's wrong to buy cheap (with the economy I definitely can't afford some of the stuff i'd like) but you gotta get quality. if you spend $5 on a shirt at walmart that doesn't last long as opposed to $8-10 on a shirt at target but it lasts at least a year (and is actually cute) wouldn't you be happier with your purchase?

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have bought a few things... Not a lot. There are some cutesimple things there but it's nothing unique of course.. But ok for flip flops, tank tops, and things like that.

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  • YES!!! i love shopping at Wal mart!! I get compliments on a lot of my clothes i get there forget the lame people who say walmart is for poor people I mean whatever!! wearing all brand names all the time tacky and not unique at all.

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    1 decade ago

    No and never will. "Consumer Reports", a consumer advocate publication says they are terribly made and even though they are cheaper than most retail clothing lines, their quality and workmanship is way below par. Target is better, if you are looking for better quality at a lower price.

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