Chronic lymphocytic leukemia?

My father was just diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. We have the information the doctor has given us and it is treatable although he will live with it forever. Does anybody know of any long term risk factors? Or any information? I'm not finding much on the internet! Thanks in advance.

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    Check the Leukemia/Lymphoma Societhy:

    Also, this site in Great Britain is quite good:

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    Stone - therapy isn't continually required and you'll be able to desire to be observed up as an outpatient on a common foundation, on occasion for some years, with out prefer for added action. Older those with early point CLL have a classic life expectancy. therapy interior the kind of chemotherapy would be required in case you're sick or have many enlarged lymph glands, or advance into critically anemic. issues of low blood cellular counts, which incorporate hemorrhage and an infection, symbolize a considerable reason for death and can desire to be intently monitored. Many sufferers die of another concern after some years. stay daily as superb you are able to. do no longer hesitate to stay in touch with your scientific expert whenever you sense in prefer of help.

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