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What is the difference between all ABEC bearings?

Here are a couple more questions. How do you pronounce ABEC? And one more thing, I have Cobra roller skates. What are the stock bearings on Cobras? Please make it easy for me to understand.

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    What Does ABEC Mean?

    The ABEC scale is a system for rating the manufacturing tolerances of precision bearings. The system was developed by the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee or Council (Pronounced-A.B.E.C)

    Bearings rated under the ABEC system are typically called "precision bearings", and they are rated with a number from 1 to 9, with the higher number assigned to bearings manufactured against a higher standard of precision (high number = tighter tolerances = more expensive bearing).

    Does ABEC affect the speed of your skates?

    No. Not unless you are skating at 330 mph speed is affected first and foremost by the choice of lubricant. The fit of your wheels and axles have a much greater effect on performance than ABEC rating. Wheels and axles for inline skates have extremely loose fits that allow you to press the bearings into the wheel by hand. This masks the benefits of a higher precision bearing by allowing it to slip on the axle or in the wheel. Slippage between the mating parts results in energy loss. Lost energy is lost speed.

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    Best Abec Bearings

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    ABEC ratings measure the tolerance of the bearings. They don't indicate size, or quality.

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