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Is Clinton Township, MI a dangerous area?

Is that area dangerous compared to places like farmington, MI or Livonia, MI?

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    All 3 are similar in safety. Livonia is residentially safe, but the shopping mall areas are not as nice as they once were. Clinton Township hasn't much going for it - unless you want to be somewhere where people are going to - and there is going to be going a lot of changes as people move out there. Farmington and Farmington Hills may merge - which might do well for both. Farmington has a downtown area that has gone through some change over the years, but some of the stores have been there for 40 years. Farmington Hills is mostly very nice homes.

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    Clinton Twp. is more of a country setting. Farmington & Livonia have some pretty spread out areas with lots of land if you want that country feel in the city.

    If you really want your space then yea, do Clinton Twp but you'll have a longer commute to the city.

    The closer you get to the City of Detroit, the more dangerous it is.

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    I would consider all three areas very safe but between the three, I would say that Farming ton is the most safest since its a small community around 10,000 and is very safe to walk around at night time. I use to live in Livonia and although its safe during the daytime, some parts are dangerous at night. As for Clinton Township, the city is generally during the daytime but I am not sure if its safe at night.

    I have some resources from City Data on all three cities that could assist you further.

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    No, all three are fine suburbs of Detroit. All are safe, family friendly, and have good schools. Though, Farmington (Farmington Hills for that matter, which is larger) and Livonia are more easily accessible to Detroit. Clinton Twp is too urban sprawled for me.

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  • My sister lives in Clinton Township, on the edge of a recently-developed neighborhood. While it was cool to watch a fox run through her yard and into the woods, and to see deer and other wildlife, it's also sad to be aware that these subdivisions are pushing the critters out of their habitats.

    It seems safe, and she doesn't worry much about locking the doors or closing the garage during the day.

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    maybe, the location you are refer to is right on the corner of Card rd and Romeo-plank that area already had a Car lot and a a McDonald's. the city is fighting Walmart but I do see a another Big box Retailer coming to area, the City wants A Ikea there not a Walmart . the walmart is at m-59 and Gratoit not 23 mile rd that is a Mejjer and a Target store.

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    Overall, none of the cities you mentioned are dangerous or all that unsafe.

    As with most cities worldwide, there are places to avoid at night or at least be careful in if alone. I wouldn't say you're in danger, but you should be aware of your surroundings and not do something stupid... Such as "The Village" area of Clinton Twp (the projects at Quinn between Harper and Gratiot).

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    No all 3 places are safe areas to live at

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    clinton twp isn't too bad. farmington is a bit nicer, livonia is not.

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    farmington & farmington hills are nicer but clinton twp isn't bad at all

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