H and R Ultra Varmint Fluted?

I am 14 5 foot 9 and i was wondering if this would be a good cheap gun for me. also is the stock a little long

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are much better options for entry level guns at $300 or around that price. There are Stevens/Savage and Howa 1500/Weatherby Vanguard rifles that are that price most sporting good stores and even WalMarts. Other guns would be a Mossberg 4x4, which is much better than their ATR offering. The newer Marlin XL-7 is a very nice gun for the same amount or close also. In the long run the bolt action rifles will give you a better product and much more utility.

    I have an H&R Handi-rifle in 243 for my 11 year old son and it works perfect for him because the size and weight are more in his scale then the T/C Encore we have in 223. He can shoot the 243 all afternoon if I let him too.

    I purchased my first 30-06 when I was 14 and about your size, and never had any issues with recoil, so any cartridge up to 30-06 is viable. At 5ft 9in you shouldn't need a youth stock so check out full size rifle stocks.

    You don't mention what cartridge you plan to use or what type shooting you plan on, so there are some links below to help out. If it were purely for varmints I would look at .223 for ammo cost and effectiveness on up to coyote size critters. I will never recommend a 223 for deer. A 243 is a great varmint/deer rifle in the right loading. 55 to 85 grain frangible bullets for varmints and 90 to 100 grain BONDED quality bullets for deer.

    I've hunted deer and elk in Idaho since 1973. I reload for 223,243,30-06 and 300 WSM currently

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  • 1 decade ago

    The answer is yes, it is a good gun that is not necessarily cheap, but a good value.

    I believe there are other options out there that may be better. The H&R single shots can be quite finicky to get to shoot right, so I would suggest a less expensive bolt action.

    Since I don't know what your budget is, I would suggest a Stevens bolt action. Stevens is a subsidiary of Savage, and their rifles tend to be very accurate right out of the box.

    Since you are talking just about a rifle, it sounds like you would also need a scope. If that is your intention, check out the Savage website and look at their package guns which include the scope as well.

    The scopes are decent, but the rifles are excellent. You can always upgrade your scope at a later date.

    As far as the length of pull, most of the rifles will fit you just fine looking at your height. You shouldn't need to do much of anything with the stock.

    Source(s): www.savagearms.com
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