Black Women With Natural Hair: What's the most ridiculous comment you have heard about your hair?

I've been natural since September 2006 and I was in high school at the time and I had cut off all my hair, it was relaxed and badly damaged and I started fresh. I got so much **** from other Black people in my school because most of the girls in my school had long and relaxed hair. Right now my hair is in braids, but I usually wear my hair out in a huge fro.

Ridiculous Comments I Get About My Hair:(Most of these stupid Comments come from Black people SMDH)

-"Are you a lesbian?"

-"Damn, girl you're on that pro-Black ****."

-I get called Erkayh Badu, India Arie, Macy Gray, Foxy Brown/Pam Grier, Angela Davis

-"Can I touch your hair?"

-"You used to have some long and pretty hair!"

-"You look like a runaway slave."

-"Do you sell incense?" lol

-'You need a relaxer."

"You look like an African."

"You know, you're so pretty. When you gonna cut that nappy sh*t off and get a cute lil' perm?"


I get these comments from Black people everywhere. But the thing I funny is that Whites people are the oppostite they love my hair and I've gotten more compliements from other races of people than Black.

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    1 decade ago
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    v (I agree with most of what he said. The only thing I would say is that he speaks as if it's still white people we are battling in this natural hair war. BUT most white people love my hair, the majority of negative comments I get are from OTHER black people. We are still the biggest enemies of ourselves)


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    1. Your hair looks so damaged (Just becuase hair is not shiny and doesn't sway somehow it is damaged. Our hair type is not meant to be shiny)

    2. It looks like a sheep's wool (This is the only comment from a white person and honestly I kind of made me laugh. Our hair does look like wool or cotton and this needs to stop being a bad thing. Silky is not the only good fabric.)

    3. I can get my hairstylist to straighten your hair. You don't want your hair to look like that. She can make it all nice and shiny and silky for you. I can't have my grandbaby walking around with nappy hair. (This is from my grandma who has sadly lost most of her hair to relaxers and hot comb so that there are entire bald patches on her scalp.)

    4. I don't understand your hair. (What is there to understand?)

    5. You look like an African slave.

    6. You going to the disco later?

    7. Why does it do that?

    8. You look better with straight hair (Whatever, we always look better natural)

    9. You trying to be a ghetto girl? You not gonna get a job looking like that.

    10. How does your man feel lying next to that mess?

    11. Your hair isn't gonna grow like that/you won't be able to comb it/it will break off/you can't keep it managble (Basically people telling me what my own hair is capable of. And what does manageble even mean?)

    12. So.. what you gonna do with your hair? *Pointed glance at my twist out* (This comment always comes after I just did my hair and I think it look dang good)

    13. That's the nappiest hair I have ever seen. Why don't you want a perm? (This from black girls who you know have never even seen THEIR OWN hair).

    14. Can I touch it? (This is a comment every natural gets. Our hair just looks so soft and it feels so good. Honestly I know some people don't like people touching their hair but I don't mind. Especially if it's a black girl. How can people learn not to fear or revile our hair unless they are taught? I figure this is one more person who has been shown that our hair is not coarse wiry frizz. I don't mind curiosity as long as they ask first.)

    In the end, keep hanging in there. Napptural hair is beautiful and powerful and sometimes people can't handle something so real and they themselves are angry. This is why I like to educate people about nappy hair. If people want to relax their hair, fine but there are too many black women who think they HAVE to relax/straighten their hair. Otherwise it won't grow/they won't get a man/ they won't get a job/they will look ugly/it will be unmanageble.

    THAT is the mentality that bugs me becuase it cuases people to be angry and frustrated becuase they have no idea how to break free of the cycle of damage and pain they subject themselves to. So they take it out on us--naturals who are not sheep and are putting it in their face that THEY could have natural hair that is not damaged, thinning and breaking off like their relaxed hair. 9 times out of 10 when somone insults my Nappy hair they have some sad little perm that is so thin and short and damaged you can see their scalp. They may even be wearing a wig their hair is so damaged. But yet, they feel qualified to comment on MY hair? People are a trip.

    Definitely watch "Good Hair". A Documentary by Chris Rock about the good hair/bad hair mentality in the black community. He decided to make it after his little daughter started crying one day and asked him, "Daddy, why don't I have good hair?"

    It's coming out on HBO. I can't wait, it looks funny, true and thought provoking. Also "My Nappy Roots" was a good one.

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    What we have to understand is that this mentality does not start with us, those people still hating on nappy hair need to wake up. They are stuck in a slave mentality. We don't need anyone's approval anymore and we don't need straight hair to get ahead. And most importantly our hair is beautiful. Only something truly beautiful makes people go out of their way to call it ugly.

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    5 years ago

    In my case not at all I wear my natural hair proudly. I don't think that women should necessarily stop getting their hair straighten but their mentality about their natural hair should change. Over years, Black people in this country have been put down and label inferior because of the physical features we were born with. In the media there are mostly White people, the few Blacks all have European hairstyles, this creates an opinion in the Black community that straight hair equals beauty. Some Black women that in order to attract the opposite sex they have to have long straight hair. Also think about the work force most companies say that Afros, cornrows, locs etc.. are unprofessional so Black women feel pressure to conform for their career advancement. It's a complex issue but at the end of the day everyone has the right to their opinion, hopefully a day will come were Black people and all races are TRULY thought of as equal.

  • 1 decade ago

    yeah i agree. someone asked if my hair was real like wtf?

    i got the pro black thing as well lol

    a lot of my white friends love my hair though. some black people do but more white people on average. they want to touch it and stuff lol its funny to me though. i just think its sad that we have gotten to a point where people question a black girl with her own hair texture - as if we are born with perms. i stopped relaxing my hair for political reasons and it was bad for my hair. so i guess thats where my friends get the pro black thing from haha

    i love my hair though. i havent gotten a relaxer in 8 years and im 19. im never going back !!! lol i rarely ever straighten my hair.

    oh i would flip on the african thing. i am african by blood! nationality doesnt matter in terms of genetics. thats what makes us black for christ sake - african heritage and ancestry. seriously what is wrong with black people these days. *shakes head in shame*

  • 4 years ago

    For me, short. a person see, hair like jared leto's seem too effortless and sometimes even greasy. Shortcuts are more fun to play with and some sttles look much better on them.

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    1 decade ago

    I love girls like you who are the change instead of the girls who sit around talking about a problem or becoming apart of it. Why does beauty have to be straight long hair? it doesn't. Set beauty to your own standards.

    I just got a short hair cut myself yesterday. I want to stand out and be different. I also want to show that you can still be beautiful without having long, boring, straight hair.

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    1 decade ago

    I've heard someone actually say "Where did you get that weave?" But I like black girls with natural hair, most of the women in my family have natural hair =D.

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    1 decade ago

    i actually just cut my hair, right now i have it up, but i've been wearing it down.

    and the most common question i get asked is

    can i touch your hair

    or you need a relaxer

    or daaaamn your hair is thick ( lol people actually say this)

    and my response to those people

    is no, you need a life, worry about your own hair

    but then i also get a lot of people who like my hair

    they say it's long and it feels cool

    so i don't know which one to believe lol


  • 1 decade ago

    My hair right now is blow dried straight but when it was natural I got all kinds of crazy comments.

    From a black person:

    "Is that your real hair? It's so long."(or something to that variation)

    "If you are going to get a weave why didn't you get a straight one??"

    "Wow your perm is jacked up, you need to get it redone."

    From a white person:

    Them: "How did you get your hair like that?"

    Me:It's my natural hair

    Them: But it's so poofy

    me: It's normal black hair

    Them: Don't most black people have straight hair

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    1 decade ago

    to be honest i dunt care what pll have to say...go to my profile it says...u dn't like me...well? attempting to give a sh*t ....error and thats how im ganna be when those idiots try to talk going back natural and i currently have my hair in braids :) and im happy..its not like it has to be in a puff u can straightne it..with a heated comb...but i like it both ways puffy and straight w/ a perm u can't do that and plus ur damaging ur scalp w/ those chemicals and wasting hrs. away when you could be dn in just an hour of braiding hair i relli dn't care i actially hated i got my hair permed in the first place....but now im going natural and im happpy :)

    Source(s): im just like hair was badly damaged ..and now im choosing to go back natural...but i dnt start fresh ..i love my hair and cant take seeing it all get cut off ...but my hair has grown since then :)
  • 1 decade ago

    I Media Center help is white at the book fair a book called wild wild hair she looked in it and said to me and my friend i wish i had hair like you two. We looked at each other and said no you don't !

  • 1 decade ago

    I am not a black woman, but I had to comment on this. I had a fro for 3 years, and white people ALWAYS wanted to touch it. It got irritating pretty fast.

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