What are the chances of a pneumonia reoccurance?

I had pneumonia last February and ever since every cold has been "stronger". The last cold I had was very strong. I had chest pain but not as much as when i had pneumonia. I felt the same way but less intense. What are the chances of getting pneumonia again? Just out of curiosity and for my own knowledge. Thanx in advance.


If, I have asthma, will it increase my chances?

Update 2:

When I had pneumonia, it was really bad. I was hospitalied, given IV antibiotics. Stayed in the hospital for 5 days. I'm 13.

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    Recurrence of pneumonia is very, very common. Many people have it 3 or 4 times over a course of a couple of years after getting it the first time.

    A pneumonia vaccine cannot prevent pneumonia, as this condition can be caused by bacteria, viruses, inhalation of small foreign particles, etc.

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    Pneumonia can reoccur. But usually when a person who has had it, cured from the infection and then goes about daily life as normal. You have to start back slowly and not jump right back into the fire.

    A bad cold, or flu can easily turn into pneumonia if it settles in the chest, you are very congested, coughing up productive yellow/green/brown phlegm. If you have pain in your chest and cough continuously, have a slight fever, get a chest X-Ray which can easily diagnosis it.

    The best treatment used today for those with pneumonia, who have no other complications is called a Z-Pack. It's a 5 day "pack" of an antibiotic called Azithromycin/Zithromax. There are 6 pills. Day one you take 2. Days 2-5 you take one. It knocks it right out. I just took the pack a couple weeks ago.

    Pneumonia in older people is different. It can be life threatening and they are usually hospitalized and given IV antibiotics. But for otherwise healthy younger people the Z-pack is used most often.

    Source(s): Nurse. The pneumonia shot talked about by another answerer is called a pnemovax, or pneumoccol vaccine. I think it's good for 7 years. It doesn't promise you won't get pneumonia, but if you do get pneumonia, it will be a much lighter case. I work for a VA hospital and all patients are encouraged to get it if they haven't had one in 7 years.
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    tension on your chest is in all danger inflammation from the allergies. many cases those with allergies who've sinus issues have a relentless, stressful sinus drip that reasons important inflammation in the lungs. Pneumonia can ensue yet seeing a physician before it gets worse is superb at prevention all jointly. try Singular. this could be a medicine that blocks leukotrienes that are hormones that would reason lung inflammation. taking this med on the 1st sign of a chilly or sinus an infection will help ward off allergies warning signs, bronchitis and pneumonia. additionally stay remote from aspirin and aspirin containing products. it is because of the fact jointly as lowering inflammation particularly physique tissues via blockading the production of Prostaglandins they advance the production of leukotrienes which advance airway constriction via inflammation.

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    there is a shot available that inoculates you. any doctor has it on hand. lasts for bout 10 years

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    depends on the condition

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