What would a 'bad guy' look like?

Can you give me a description of what you like an evil person or bad guy in a story would look like? Preferable male but can describe a female if you want to.

thanks =]

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  • Kelley
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    1 decade ago
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    The most frightening bad guy is the guy who looks like everyone else. He doesn't stand out, he can blend in anywhere, and no one gives him a second thought.

  • 1 decade ago

    He would look like a fairly normal person - obviously not exactly the same as everyone else (since people shouldn't all be identical anyway), but he wouldn't stand out that much. Depending on what he actually does, he might have other differences, but those would be the kind that he did to himself. If he was someone who did a lot of fighting, for example, his build would obviously reflect that, or he might be fairly pale if he spend most of his time indoors and his natural skin tone was that way. If he's intimidating he could be a big person with a scowl-y face, but if he's feared because of his achievements it's not necessary. Obviously there's a lot of variation, depending on what the bad guy's job is. Evil overlords could have a handsome, kind-looking face because that would make it easier to get into power, as he'd probably need a lot of manipulation to get there. Warriors would be muscular, probably tanned, and have scars. Just whatever a normal person would look like in their situation, had the person not been evil.

    If you had to make him prettier or uglier than average for some reason, I'd go for prettier just because ugliness is way overdone.

    Granted, I'm the kind of person who hates it when the designated antagonist has physical qualities that make them obviously "evil" unless there's a good reason for it, because then they're probably not going to be written as real people.

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    Description 1: Clothing- Slightly stained wife-beater, khaki shorts (wrinkled a bit), beer in hand. Beat up sneakers, like REALLY old and well worn, and a crooked baseball cap, worn backwards. Face- A bit of facial hair, sunglasses pushed up on top of head, wearing a discontented smirk.(This is for reality- Not fantasy)

    Description 2 (Also based upon reality)- Clothing- supposedly blood-stained T-shirt is concealed by a slightly wrinkled leather jacket that he has obviously had for a while. Jeans (blue) are also slightly rumpled. Shoes- Also sneakers, a bit scuffed up, but not nessacarily old. Face- Clean-shaven face, though the beginnings of five-o' clock shadow have begun to manifest along his clenched jaw. Bumpy, medium-sized nose. Small, almost beady eyes, also has sunglasses on head. Rumpled hair, angry demeanor.

    Source(s): Were you looking for a fantasy-type bad guy? Well, oopsie... :S
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    You can make a bad guy two ways.

    You can make him menacing and dark with a bushy mustache and a long dark cloak so he's the OBVIOUS bad guy. OR, you can make him seem like a good guy, someone might look to him for advice or help, and then find out that he's the antagonist of the story. He'd probably look fairly handsome with either blonde or brown hair, blue or green eyes and a great smille.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well there are two ways that you can go with the bad guy.

    You can make them unattractive and menacing, the stereotypical bad guy. With eyes that never change and a permanent scowl.


    You can have the bad guy that's very good looking, or just enticing to the main character. So the main character never suspects that they are the bad guy. Which is also a little stereotypical.

    You can go either way really, or for something completely out there if you'd like :-).

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, there are a lot of different options, because there are a lot of different types of villains.

    There's classic bad guy:

    Tall and looming, with a mustache and goatee, and a pointy nose and chin. He'd be wearing all dark clothing (maybe a cloak, haha). He should look really clever and dangerous.

    Sort of like this:


    There's business-y bad guy:

    Short and fat, with a fat neck and squinty eyes. He's balding, and wearing a nice suit and tie, with a cigar hanging out of his mouth. He should really greedy and malevolent.

    Similar to this, but more evil-looking:


    Then there's mad-scientist bad guy:

    He's tall and has frazzled, gray hair. He's wearing a white lab coat and has an evil, deranged look in his eyes.

    Kinda like this:


    There are many, many more, but those are some of the main ones.

  • 1 decade ago

    long unkempt jet black hair, quite tall, skinny, a little muscular, hazel brown eyes, unhappy/evil smile.


    Black/Grey under-top,

    A black t-shirt, short sleeves with something saying like evil.

    Black jeans

    black shoes.


    Mysterious, don't talk much, unhappy, wants revenge, evil, vague, sometimes lacks concerntration, unkind, unlively.

    ^ Along those lines :)

    I thought about that for ages :)

    But he could really be like that, but act all

    happy, so nobody suspects him

    Hope this helps :)

    Millie :)

  • 1 decade ago

    The best "bad guys" don't look bad at all. That's one of the things that makes them dangerous. But if you want it to be obvious that the character is bad, give them very pale eyes that don't seem quite human.

  • 4 years ago

    I call those the No No Bad Boys! I love them! I have found that they can be extremely fun to be with but not to settle down with.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A bad guy can be clean cut or your run of the mill type of bad guys. Dressed in black... leather jacket... boots... long greasy hair...

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