Pathological Liar...actual disease or excuse?

I just de-friended my friend of over 2 years because she just lies so much! To the point where they're full blown out's almost quite amazing, actually! I read up on it, and it says it's a mental dissorder...but I dont know? I can see where it can be addictive and hard to stop, but an actual mental dissorder? I think she can help it if she really wanted to stop.

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    I had a friend that was a pathological liar. We were friends since we were about 5 and 7. We stopped being friends at 16 and almost 18. She made things up constantly, even at that young age. I think that they lie so much it does not bother them until they are called out for it. Once they are called out for it, they lie in more creative ways. I do think it is a mental disorder. Even when my friend was forced between the truth and a lie, she chose the lie instantly! Anyone that is normal mentally would choose the truth in desperate times.

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  • Angel
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    1 decade ago

    I think it is a combination of both.

    I dated a guy who lied and lied about the most stupid things that nobody ever has to lie about.

    I have a friend that has done this to a lessor degree but both were diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder.

    I think it is mental but also addictive. The more a person can get away with it, the more exciting it becomes and habit forming.

    Sometimes a Pathological Liar can also be a Sociopath as both have no conscience or real feelings about what they are doing.

    The "Tot Mom" Casey Anthony is a good example of a Sociopath and Pathological Liar.

    Source(s): Personal Experience
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  • 1 decade ago

    You can be addicted to ANYTHING. I mean; anything.

    There's a disease where you are addicted to pulling your hair out - that sounds crazy to us but it really ruins peoples lives.

    Maybe she is so unhappy with her own life she has to make up another one, like a fantasy world that she can live in.

    You need to ask her why she has this constant need to lie constantly. If it's that out of hand where it has become an addiction, it would be a disorder, yes. Maybe you could ask her if she would like to get some professional help because you are worried about her.

    Source(s): i know what addictions are like ;P
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  • 1 decade ago

    When you figure out that she's lying to you tell her off & she'll learn that you know when she lies.she'll stop wanting to get told off & therefor stop lying,pathological or not.Kinda like spraying a puppy with water to train it.

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