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Who do you think is better: Peyton Manning or Eli Manning?

They are both really good. In 2006, Peyton Manning won Super Bowl MVP. In 2007, Eli Manning won Super Bowl MVP. America, I want to hear what you think. Who's better? They both have quite some experience.

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    peyton manning. he is ahmazing. my favorite of all-time. he is soo my favorite player(:

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    Peyton Manning

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    There is absolutely no comparison between the two, Peyton is a potiental Hall of Fame QB while Eli is avaerage at best. Anyone who has given people who said Peyton a thumbs down obviously have no football knowlege what so ever. Anyone who says Eli has absolutely no facts to back up there answer. Lets look at the career stats for these two.

    Peyton Manning

    Rating 94.7

    Comp % 64.4

    Yards 45,628

    Ave yds/gm 259.3

    TDs 333

    Int 165

    TDs per Int 2.01

    Eli Manning

    Rating 76.1

    Comp % 55.9

    Yds 14,623

    Yds/Gm 200.3

    TD 98

    Int 74

    TDs per Int 1.3

    Its no comparison what so ever, its actually embarrasing for Eli to have his stats compared to Peyton. There is absolutely no stat or nothing Eli does that is better then Peyton.

    Peyton has a rating that is 20 points higher, 20 POINTS!! That is just ridiculous. His comp % is 11% higher, that is also ridiculous. He throws for 59 more yards a game which translates to 944 more yds per season, also ridiculous how much better that is. Peyton throws one more TD per int then Eli does which translates to around Eli throwing and ave of around 8 to 10 more INTs PER SEASON then Peyton does.

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    They have both had an amazing career so far. I think that Peyton is a little better than Eli. Peyton. But you can't compare Eli to his older brother. Last season, Peyton turned his team around, and anyone can even make an argument that Eli let his team down. Peyton is better, but I wouldn't be surprised if Eli ends up having an awesome career. he has loads of potential.

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    Peyton calls his own plays. He also has won 3 league MVP's. If his career ended now he is a hall of famer. Eli still has some work to do to get there. Given inferior talent, I think you would win more games with Peyton.

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    I think Peyton is the better of the two. I think Eli still has issues with handling the ball and his team when he's flustered. I have always said he is "special". During his interviews, there's a weird distance in his eyes. Anyway, back to football. Peyton has more experience, seems poised under pressure and certainly has more respect around the league. Eli is good, but his brother has more talent.

    GO CHARGERS 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You must be a Giant fan to even suggest they are close to equal. Peyton is a hall of fame QB while Eli can get in the same way I do, by buying a ticket.

    Peyton is an elite QB, Eli is in the average range.

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    Peyton is better he is more composed in pressure situations, Eli has a bad tendency to force balls where they can be intercepted (or caught see super bowl 2007).

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