What are your opinions on Muslims with Mental Disorders?

Are they misguided? sick? victim of the Shaytan?

How should we treat them? Are they treated differently? what can we do to help them?


@ Adnan I was simply asking your views. I have been told several things by different people. My personal opinion is that they suffer an illness and need help but not much help or understanding is offered to them in the islamic community. I would like to encorporate help for them into an out reach project I am working on, and wanted some views. Thanks for judging me before knowing my intent.

Update 2:

Iam asking because I am trying to incorporate help for muslims with mental disorders into an outreach program, but have found that not many seem to understand this issue.

Update 3:

The answer I get most often from Muslims concerning mental illness is that they are misguided, can I get other views please?

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    Every Illness Has A Cure: The Islamic Perspective

    Mawlana Sikander Khan Pathan

    Every illness has a cure

    Praise be to Allah, Knower of all ailments and their hidden cures. May peace and salutations be upon His first prophet Adam, His final prophet Muhammad and all the prophets that came in between Amen! (Amen!).

    Muslims like so many others believe in a creator. We believe that we were sent into this world as vicegerent of Allah. The Holy Quran informs us that man and jinn were created for the worship of Allah. After death we shall all be resurrected on the Day of Judgment and we shall be judged according to our deeds.

    Therefore our principle of life is:

    "He Alone has the keys of the unseen treasures, of which no one knows except Him. He knows whatever is in the land and in the sea; there is not a single leaf that falls without His knowledge, there is neither a grain in the darkness of the earth nor any thing fresh or dry which has not been recorded in a Clear Book."

    Quran 6.59 (Translator Malik)

    It further says in the Quran:

    "And Hold fast the rope of Allah, all together, and do not be divided"

    Quran 3.103 (Translator Malik)


    There are many Ahadith (traditions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him (pbuh) which encourage the Muslims to seek medical treatment. Some of them are mentioned below:

    Abu Hurayrah narrates that The Prophet pbuh said:

    "There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its remedy."

    Bukhari 7.582

    Usamah ibn Shuraik narrated:

    "... 'O Allah's Messenger! Should we seek medical treatment for our illnesses?' He replied: 'Yes, you should seek medical treatment, because Allah, the Exalted, has let no disease exist without providing for its cure, except for one ailment, namely, old age'."


    Taking proper care of ones health is considered by the Prophet Muhammad pbuh to be the right of the body.

    Bukhari as-Sawm 55, an-Nikah 89, Muslim as-siyyam 183, 193, Nisai

    The Prophet not only instructed sick people to take medicine, but he himself invited expert physicians for this purpose.

    D.o.H. p.50, As-Suyuti's Medicine of the Prophet p.125

    From this brief beginning one would gather that Imaan (faith) and Tawakkul (trust) have to be the uttermost important part of a Muslim's belief. Hence, problems, illnesses or troubles of life, should be very easy to cope with. But, since this material world has been classed as Darul Asbaab (A world of means) it is necessary to take medication for one's illness. In most cases Mufti's would give a ruling of suicide for one who died in the event of not taking medicine. We all would be required by Shariah (Islamic Law) to have trust in Allah but search for the cure, which would be classed as the highest grade of Tawakkul - Trust in Allah.

    Dr Shehzadi Munir a retired psychiatrist says: "I found it very easy to practice on religious people because you direct their emotions to a certain pillar and the best pillar to have faith in is Allah - God, the Maker of the Universe."

    To stop a person falling in the trap of worry and anxiety we have been advised that: "Imaan (Faith) is between fear and Hope!"


    Is it a Punishment?

    One cannot stipulate that he is a sinner, hence he is being punished;

    "O My servants who have transgressed against their souls do not despair of Allah's mercy, for Allah forgives all sins. Indeed it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful."

    Quran 39.53

    Some people believe that we are born sinners and therefore religion is to blame for the psychological condition of the patient. Islam teaches that man is born pure from sin; it is only later in life that he does good and becomes better or does evil and becomes worse.

    What is the position of a mentally ill patient in Islam?

    Islamic Law rules that the insane are excused they will have no reckoning and all their sins will be forgiven. "Allah burdens not an individual more than his capability"

    Quran 2.286

    Mufti Shafi on the above verse comments that: A person's actions can be divided into two categories, voluntary and involuntary. They will be reckoned for the voluntary actions but the involuntary ones are excused.

    Ma aarifiul Quran 2.286

    Islam is very compassionate and understanding towards human nature, hence we have been told from the very outset that: "Mankind has been created weak"

    Quran 4.28

    In other words if you do indulge in abomination, one should not become disorientated, but rise above the situation and turn to his Lord in repentance, for indeed He is Al-Gaffar (Most Forgiving) Ar-Rahman (Most Merciful).

    "The repenter from sins is like one who has no sin at all"


    Islam never ceases to encourage repentance for those who transgress!

    A sinner is not allowed to mention the name of the committed sin (when seeking forgiveness) because in doing so he will torment the heart which is forbidden. This teaches us that Islam is very understanding towards the sinne

    Source(s): Patients' Rights God, The Lord of Honour and Glory, will say on the Day of Judgement: 'Son of Adam, I was sick and you did not visit me.' The man will say: 'My Lord, how could I visit You and You are the Lord of the universe!' God will say: 'Did you not know My servant so and so was sick and you did not visit him? Did you not realise that if you had visited him, you would have found Me with him?' Development of Hospitals (D.o.H.) p.42, Muslim Al-Birr, 25 Abu Musa Ashari narrates that the Prophet (pbuh) said: "Feed the hungry, visit the sick, and set free the captives." Bukhari 7.552 The Prophets' Sunnah (Tradition): Anas ibn Malik narrates that: A woman who had a defect in her brain, said: Allah's Messenger, I want to talk to you. He said: Mother of so and so, choose on which side of the road you would like to stand and talk, so that I may fulfill your need. He stood with her on the sidewalk until she spoke to her heart's content. Muslim 1081 This shows that the Prophet pbuh never discriminated between the sane or insane. As long as this woman conversed with him patiently he continued to listen. Anas used to tell of the Prophet (peace be upon him) that he would visit the sick. Tirmidhi 1529 Don't Discriminate! 'The prophet in his visits did not discriminate against ailing people. He even visited sick non-Muslims.' Bukhari Tafseer Surah 59
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    I think its quite sad how some muslims think that they should be treated differently. just watch if u don't say aouthubillah, Allah swt will bless u with a child like that! so make sure u dont say, eww mental kid, u just say aouthubillah...

    We should treat them like any other human being. They are still God's creation aren't they? Mental disordered ppl have any right just like normal have, you can't just dislike someone for being mental :-\ that's just cold man. I mean all these msulims who think that are just cold, cos they don't want anything to do with them, thus pushing them away...estaghfiruallah to those muslims.

    We can help the mental disordered ppl and their families by maybe their local masjid orgainsing a group where all the mental disorderly kids can come learn and do playful things about Islam. Also maybe they can let others who aren't muslim join too. The masjid should be there for everyone inshallah. :) but yea a local class teaching stuff to mentally disabled kids would be nice.

    Source(s): oo inshallah now i want to work with kids who are disabled :$
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    they are just that... someone with a mental disorder..

    I classify that as sick or ill... We need to help them, be patient with them and seek proper guidance for them...

    Hopefully they will recover...

    Afterall. it means that somewhere in their body, their brains are not transmitting properly as a normal brain should, so their brains are ill...

    This still today is something the doctors and medical field know little about.. the brain is complicated. its not the same as your kidneys not working, or just catching the flu... We dont know exacty how the hidden nuiances in the brain works together.. Once we do.. We will make wonderful strides in mental illnesses and cures....

    Allah tells us there is a cure for every illness except old age.. If he wills, hopefully soon we will find these cures.... ^_^

    edit: to Adnan up there.. Possession isnt new to Islam.. all faiths believe in some sort of possession to an extent.. Its age old culture to beleive that a spirit or demon has taken over someone if they act weird...

    remember the famous movie "The Exorcist".. thats a christian possession movie...

    Islam isnt new to this thought.. Some believe is they have a hyper child, or a family member that acts depressed or delusional etc.. that they are actually possessed and they try to get the demon exorcised out.. This happens in all faiths..

    I actually tend to beleive that its not possession but just a mental disorder and sometimes power of suggestion does a lot with the brain.. If you do an exorcism and truly make the patient beleive they are cured, then possibly their brain reacts in a way that is cured.. afterall. we dont know the whole workings of a brain anyways..

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    I totally agree with illusion :-)

    My mum has bipolar disorder, a very serious mental illness, and i do not think she should be judged on her actions when she is in her manic state because she is not aware of her actions. When she is in her normal state which is most of the time (Alhumdulillah) she is a very good Muslim, she prays five times a day reads Qur'an etc etc she is very knowledgable also so I dont think she should be responsible because Allah has given her this illness and he is most merciful most Just. I dont think she is misguided or a victim of shaytaan but i agree she needs alot of help from family and love and care, I have been living with her my whole life and i try to help as best I can.

    I think your project is very good, it will help alot of muslims :-)

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  • Their sick; sickness is a test from Allah (swt). Mental disorders are usually caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain and sometimes childhood trauma. Many come about by sever stress or anxitiy. It's important that we are sensitive to all forms of suffering ;learn to understand and build communication.

    Source(s): PEACE
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    MashaAllah Mintee and H.K. gave good answers;

    I know that Allah wont judge the mentally ill for things that they cannot understand. It's all a test for the individual and those around him/her.

    According to how severe the case is, will show how much they can understand from Islam and do.

    I think its great that you wish to help them, but i think MOST of the focus should rather be on the parents and family. HELPING them accept it and know how to deal with it accordingly.

    NEVER force them to learn more than they can or do more than what they can or understand. It'll only frustrate them and they'll be less interested afterwards.

    -- Allah will only judge us to what He knows we are capable of. He gave a person an illness and He knows what he is capable of learning/doing. And according to that he will be judged and rewarded.

    -- If the mentally ill understands the concept of prayer and can do the actions, that's MARVELOUS! If he can memorize surahs SUPER.

    IF ANY OF THOSE is a struggle for him NEVER PUSH on him or tell him he has to or he's going to hell or pound it into his head that he's being bad.

    * please help the parent and families first and focus on them more then the person.

    Source(s): I wouldn't say that they are misguided, nor possessed. They have an illness that prevents them from fully understanding and realizing things. This is not in their hands, therefor they can not be misguided. They are being tested with the hardest test that they don't realize the test they have been given! And rather the weight is upon us. Can't emphasize enough that Allah will not judge them like He will with other people. Take it easy on them.
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    I wonder...do Muslims consider those who are mentally ill to be "tested"?

    I mean, how can someone with severe mental retardation even be "tested" effectively as to the righteousness of their souls?

    And yet they suffer because people do not understand them and they are not able to participate in many everyday things...like marriage and raising children and having careers. And frequently severe mental retardation is accompanied by health problems.

    Is their suffering simply a test for others?

    That doesn't seem very fair.

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    I think the true ones are just chemical imbalances. Maybe brain degeneration...depends on what the disorder is exactly.

    Meds are the solution.

    Some are brought on by themselves....most of the people with depression for instance have no actual chemical imbalance...they just don't want to deal with whats going on in their lives.

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    The same as my opinions about anybody with mental disorders. They need help and should have access to it.

  • 1 decade ago

    They are Gods creations just like any other healthy born person... treated no different. All as equals.

    Now Good Night I am sleep :)

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