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Where does israel get its water from?

Where does Israel get its water supplies from? are there many rivers and Lakes there?? also

How Often does it rain in Israel? and what is Agriculture and Farming in Israel mainly made up from?

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    Israel is suffering from a severe water shortage this year in particular. Israel is likewise aware of the water shortage in the territories, which is part of the general water shortage in the area.

    Israel has implemented her part of the agreement with the PA concerning water.

    Water matters in Judea and Samaria, like other civil powers, have been for some time under the full responsibility of the PA.

    Against this background, many actions are being undertaken by Israel, the PA and donor states, separately and in concert, to improve the water situation in the territories.

    Despite the water shortage in the area, Israel continues to supply the same amount of water to the PA and is even searching for ways to increase this amount and to find solutions to the problem. This is in spite of the substantial decrease in water allocations in Israel, and despite problems of adequate cooperation with the PA concerning recycling and conservation of water.

    And Israel ignores the gross amount of water that is stolen by Arabs in Judea and Samaria.


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    It steals it from Jordan by means of illegally occupying the Golan Heights. All of the streams that feed - or once fed - the Jordan are diverted into the National Water Carrier. Meanwhile throughout Palestine wells on Palestinian territory are depleted and diverted to irrigation of zionist occupied land. The orange groves of Jaffa are still there but not Jaffa or it's inhabitants. The Galilee is no longer Christian-Palestinian but it is still rich and abundant. There is some ranching in the now-irrigated Negev but it has almost completely destroyed the Jordan.

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    water comes from the bonding of hydrogen and oxygen. All water, besides that made in the lab, was made millions of years ago.

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    Israel gets most of their fresh tap water from melting snow and ice off of Mt Hermon in the Golan Heights.

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    Wells and rivers. All legal and not stolen.

    The PA gets its water legally from Israel and steals more form Israel.

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    There are a few sources: the main source is the Kinneret, a body of water that's located in northern Israel,

    Others are

    Yarkon Aquifer: This supplies Israel with about 340 million cubic meters of water annually, which are used by the Jerusalem-Tel-Aviv area.

    Gilboa Aquifer: This supplies Israel with about 115 million cubic meters a year, largely for agricultural irrigation in the kibbutzim (communes) and moshavim (cooperative settlements) in Galilee.

    The Eastern Aquifer: This supplies about 40 million cubic meters annually to the Israeli settlements in the Jordan Valley,

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    The water tap in the kitchen sink.

    And from underground wells.

    And from the rivers.

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    Despite the cut in water allocations within Israel, and despite the supply of the considerable amounts of water mandated by the peace treaty with Jordan, Israel has not cut the amount of water allocated to the Palestinian Authority, and is even planning to examine the possibility of increasing it.

    In contrast to claims by the Palestinian side -- and repeated by the pro-Arab apologists on Yahoo Answers -- Israel did not determine the amount of water to be supplied to the territories. The amount was determined in negotiations between the two sides, with the Americans participating. By the consent of both parties, the amount of water was increased relative to the situation prior to the Interim Agreement. Similarly, a formula was decided upon for increasing the water allocation gradually over the interim period.

    The agreement defines the number of wells that Israel is obligated to dig, and the number the PA and international bodies are obligated to dig. Cooperation on issues of sewage and environment was also defined. It was decided that jurisdiction over water would be transferred to the Palestinians in the framework of the transfer of civil powers. It was further decided to establish joint monitoring teams.

    Israel has fulfilled all of her obligations under the Interim Agreement. The water quota agreed upon, and more, is being supplied. Jurisdiction over water was transferred completely and on time. Israel approved the additional digging of wells. Israel and the PA carry out joint patrols to locate cases of water theft and other water-related problems.

    Nevertheless, the Arabs in the PA regularly steal water from the Israeli network by cutting into pipes. And they continuously pollute the groundwater and many wells. Israel turns a blind eye, so that it will not be regarded as impeding the "peace process."


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    In addition to what mir miron says, Israel is one of the leaders in desalinization techology and uses water pumped from the gulf of eilat.

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    the sea nah im not sure

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