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dvd player area code

Dear Sirs,

I have just purchased a 22X DVDRW-22B1S. A few questions to be asked.

(1) My current O/S system is Win 98, please advise whether I could run the Nero8 for disk burning function. If not, please advise any lower version can be used or other program suggested to burn disk even lower speed is acceptable.

(2) In August 2002, I purchased Asus 16X IDE DVD-Rom (Box) with attached a software called Asus DVD Player R.3.0 with region code setting. Now which type of DVD player software can be used to let the new DVD drive run with regional code free since I find I cannot set new DVD driver. Which old version of PowerDVD can support win98 with code region free?

Thank you very much. .

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    1.you can use Nero 6 or 7 or8 even 9 to burn your data to disc


    you just need to follow the origional web page's introduction you can easily install the cdr software

    2. your point is 『region free』!

    your Hardware,or we should say,all the hardware was sold with region limited!

    2-1.you can go to www.asus.com to download an update of asus-dvd player

    2-2 region free dvd play program there is one named『anyDVD』

    it's need to pay....

    anyway you can find it through google.


    that's all

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    Thank you.

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