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但 台灣不能看到你的電視節目

很希望 台灣也能看到你的節目


或許 當我們看到節目時應該是你們很久的事情

現在播出的是第11季 我很喜歡你主持的節目


我很喜歡你 和 你的節目





其實是要留給 泰拉的 不過我英文 不怎麼好

很希望有好心人幫我翻譯 謝謝

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    Hello 泰拉,

    I am from Taiwan [Republic of China].

    I am very happy that I found your personal website.

    Yet, I am not able to watch your TV shows in Taiwan.

    I hope Taiwan is able to watch your programs as well. (你這句中文有點問題,美國聽了會覺得怪,但還是會懂!!你是想說 很希望 在台灣也能看到你的節目嗎?是的話補充一下我會再修改這句的)

    I really love the show, Super Model, which you hold.

    Perhaps the shows I am watching are something long ago.

    Currently, Super Model is playing Season 11, and I really enjoy it.

    But Taiwan only broadcasts Super Model.

    I really love you and your shows.

    Hopefully, I can watch your shows everyday.

    However, there is only Super Model that I can watch

    I really wish that I am an American, too!!

    Source(s): 紐約高中生
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    Hi! I come from Taiwan

    Very pleased to find your site .

    However, Taiwan can not see your TV .

    Taiwan is also very much hope to see your show .

    I like the supermodel you presiding over life and death. Doo

    Perhaps when we see the program you should be a long time things

    Are now broadcast on the 11th quarter of your presidency, I very much enjoy the show .

    However, Taiwan's only life and death fighting supermodel can look

    I like you and your program .

    Well hope to see you every day of the program.

    However, only life and death fighting supermodel can look .

    I really wish I was American.

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